Friday, March 13, 2009

San Francisco "uniform"


I've spent the past few days in San Francisco. I presented at a conference yesterday, and talked about avatars and fashion in Second Life! I presented with two other people that I'd only met in avatar form. We had a lovely time at the panel (where the phrase 'talking genitals' was mentioned, and I almost lost it from giggling), and then went out for Indian. It was hilarious to talk about the ins and outs of Second Life while the tables around us were full of quiet, wide-eyed English teacher types.

While wandering San Francisco, I noticed something about people's outfits. There's an unofficial 'uniform' here, and it is this: Hoodie. Tight pegged jeans tucked into boots. Glasses. I've tried to emulate the San Francisco uniform here, with a ginormous camera to emulate my tourist status.

I get to meet the lovely Hethr Engle today ! IRL !! I'll write all about it tomorrow.


***Glasses: prim0ptic Agile glasses 1.15
***Camera: Saya shoulder camera brown
***Skin: minajunk skin wimpy 02
***Jeans: Hybrid denim boot cut
***Hoodie: Curious Kitties Hoodie
***Hair: BP* amikomi chignon hair / ash
***Boots: Maitreya SoHo Boots 'black suede'


Unknown said...

Hi Achariya,

I am very interested in your presentation topic. Can you tell me more about it? Are you doing research on fashion and SL?

Mochi Milena said...

This is my RL (as well as other students I've noticed) get up at school since finals are looming. I <3 it ^^