Monday, March 9, 2009

Not me: Munchflower and Recidivist

Munchflower Zaius

I meet the most interesting people when I randomly poke them for photography. Last night I met Munchflower Zaius (designer of Nomine) and Recidivist Sideways of Strangepixels (the homme). I lured them over to my skybox for photographs. Then they stayed, and I had a lovely few hours chatting. Munchflower is an artist, has two children, and works to support them - hellifiknow how she does it! Recidivist is a writer and has bounced for strip clubs, and had a host of colorful stories about his adventures.

Then there was an enormous bouquet of flexi-wing penises, spawned by a small discussion of the Watchmen movie. *cough* Good times.

If you'd like to stalk these two, Munchflower's Nomine blog is here, they share a blog here, and Recidivist posts over here at Strangepixels. (I apologize for no slurls today; I've got a conference to plan for!)

Recidivist Sideways

On Munchflower:
***Eyes: Nomine Stained Contacts - forest
***Glovies: AllyCat Bracers - catnip
***Belt: Dark Bella Morte Belt - kyoot army
***Hair: Holly Jet Black - philotic energy
***Boots: Laced Boot - Kaeli Candour
***Hoodie: *Sprawl* Cthulhoodie Unzipped (eldritch)
***Shirt: Naughty bloody top - paradisis
***Pants: Nomine Pantz - superlow waist black
***rest is custom
On Recidivist:
***Skin: Nomine: One-of-a-kind Custom
***Hair: Panache/ZF: Asher Night Black (Honey Tips)
***Necklace: Nomine: Bone Collector Male Necklace - Skull
***Armbands: Nomine: Custom
***Bracers: SiniStyle Azazel Bracers
***Gloves: Last Eden: Wanderer Gloves (Glove Only)
***Belt: Blitzed: Classic Belt v.2 Black (Girl Shape 2)
***Pants: LF Fashions: Isabeaux Leather Pants (Black)
***Boots: J's Long Engineer Boots (Christmas '08 Group Gift)
***Poses: FORM Male AO v1.0


Munchflower said...

just a "little" discussion ;)

Auntykuro said...

XD little discussion, big d***s!


Carmilla Mirabeau said...

Both avies are bootiful....but him...Oooooo