Monday, March 9, 2009

Not me: Mochi Milena


Please observe the awesome cuteness of Mochi Milena of [Pink Fuel]. While getting her photograph taken, Mochi said "I'm wearing a ton of stuff!" It's true, she's got things attached to places I had no idea had attachment points! (Well, I hyperbolize.) Just the same, she's got a neko-gone-adorable aesthetic that I wish I had. Instead, I think I'll go complete my collection of small cute objects from [Pink Fuel] ... And I want her tattoos.


Shirt- (CS) Trixie Cami- Nightfall
Gloves - Sinistyle Skull Gloves
Neko Ears- Katat0nik (black/white) Pierced Neko Ears
Neko Tail- *LEO-NT* Tail CandyEMO
Doll- House of Munster "Mangle" Doll
Tattoo- Mochi's skully tattoo
Hair - House of Munster "Cuteness"
Choker- *GF* Fickle Haert Choker- Black
Hoodie - Ce Cubic Effect Hooded Parker (Black)
Piercings - Puncture Confidence Facial Piercings Set
Goggles- Leafy Hypno Specs (Color Changing)
Pants - Dutch Touch SuNy Dress Black Pants
Shoes- Shiny Things Old Boots (Warm Black)
Skin- DSkin 60
Piggy- [Pink Fuel] Piggy


Mochi Milena said...

Thanks Ach :D. The photoshoot was really fun ^^

Auntykuro said...

hee hee. :D. sorry i had to run!