Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not me: four Yip


four Yip makes amazing art-and-outfit installations, and then gives them away for free. As befits such a lovely and generous artist, her av is quite creative -- she reminds me of Yoko Ono in the early 70s! Also, she's wearing perfume and skin lotion. (That's new to me! I thought I smelled something nice...) You can visit her shop here.

Larry isn't for eating:

Achariya Maktoum: yay lobster. makes me hungry !!
Achariya Maktoum: *noms four*
four Yip: hahahaha. larry isn't for eating
Achariya Maktoum: :D *adds wasabi*
four Yip: ohhhh. no larry hates wasabi, his eyes will tear!

In case you were wondering:

Achariya Maktoum: where does your name come from ?
four Yip: four from 4, easy chat. yip is me
Achariya Maktoum: :D -- 4 me? *grin*
four Yip: haha yes



***Shirt: White lovely t-shirt dress from jojo runoo from runoruno
***Lobster: Lobster larry from sven marx
hair "marcelle coif" from paulie tamale
***Socks ---> popsocks from fade dana and rol sock from fade lei
***Basketball shoes ----> pornstar from Coke Dreadlow
***Butterflies---> siestabril Nitely *un jour*
***Pose----> from artoo Magneto shop AKEYO other poses from the lovely Flutter Memel from {flowey} poses @ PopFuzz and certainly not to forget Izzy Bereznyak at (pda) Penny Dreadful Arcade
***Rabbit ears----> from hotaru Little
***Skin made by me on the base off the fabulous Eloh Eliot it is the yips babytiger skin
***Shape also by me that is also the yips baytiger shape
***Eyes by me,..yips lune-acy eyes
***Underwear----> Nylon Pinkney
***Parfum------> summerrain by yip
***Skin care-----> Face Light Windlight by Cognitive Gears
***Nailpolish---->light blue heaven comes on the yips babytiger skin
***Braces------> lobar's braceface by lovely Lolalikes Barbarino

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Mab MacMoragh said...

four Yip <3 <3 <3

Whenever I see her with Larry I think of Salvador Dali's Lobster Telephone, which I had the extreme good fortune to see in London (and surreptitiously touch)

A plastic squeaky red lobster lives in my lingerie drawer next to my lobster boxers. They have been a pair now for many years.