Thursday, March 5, 2009

My milk brings all the droogs to the yard...


Small follow-up to my girl-crush's post over here, this was my outfit for our Droog photoshoot. What do you get when you stick a bunch of interesting people into a Kubrick-esque room? You get chatter about the best latex, including much sighing about groin seams. Then, you get a lot of "rebake, please" and "my skin tone isn't pale enough!"

Note -- Luth's Handbag AO makes a fine override for carrying a spiky baseball bat. All of my posemaker SLURLs are now in a sidebar on my blog.

All in all, an awesome time.

***Bat ~ Cezar’s - Anything but salad! Wetas Spiked baseball bat
***Suspenders ~ Armidi limited - basic suspenders - black
***Hat ~ Tesla Bowler Hat
***Tie ~ Bliensen + MaiTai Tie Reifsnider F - around neck
***Piercings ~ Ultra Kitty UK. Skull piercings .L and .R
***Hose ~ Reasonable Desires tintable white cancan stockings
***Skin ~ Miasnow skin Lolli Bloody Pleasure 6
***Shirt ~ Katat0nik White snow bunny blouse
***Garters ~ silentsparrow~ maida garters (for shorties)
***Shirt cuffs ~ Armidi cuffs from the cambridge shirt
***Lipring ~ FlipSide Kitteh bell mouth piercing set F11
***Gloves ~ from Katat0nik's bloody dorothy set
***Shorts ~silentsparrow~ from seelie in (ashes)
***Boots ~ sf design pixie boots white
***Hair ~ Hiccup Nerd Swept


Roslin said...

I love that you used Luth's handbag AO that way, GENIUS <3 I'll have to remember that the next time I'm handling a weapon.

Mourna Biziou said...

Best post title evar? I think so.

Anonymous said...

Oh ja.

Auntykuro said...

*laughing* yeah, that purse ao is most awesome. the paraplu ao is good for pointy stakes and staffs.

"That's right, it's better than yours."