Sunday, March 29, 2009

Levity Defies Gravity


When Fade Dana makes something, I know it'll be perfectly rendered and every so slightly disturbing. This is no exception, the Roadkill puppet that comes complete with a puppeteer hud. There's a version of the puppet that'll keep it held upright (like above), but if you want an AO with it, I recommend using Torridwear's Paraplu AO. Works like a charm, really, and it's what I'm using in these photos. The hud allows you to lunge forward and puppet at people, or laugh, or pet people (I think that's what that motion is). At any rate, it's another fine reminder of the range of stuff we can do in SL that has nothing to do with reality.

I'm wearing it with an outfit from Blue Blood -- Ghanima's prims are getting better and better, great work! My skin is from the new store Corrupted Innocence. I was taken by the neat and tidy mouth (not overly full) and the strong yet playful eyes. There are a lot of skinmakers around, but clearly there is a need for this kind of diversity, because everyone's vision of a good skin is completely different.



***Skin: Corrupted Innocence Pale (11) Explosive Demon High
***Puppet: Fade Dana Roadkill Puppet with hud
***Hair: Find Ash Solid Wave (Charcoal Gray)
***Outfit: Blue Blood Devon Red
***Lip ring: FlipSide F10 Mouth Piercing
***Boots: Sn@tch Misfit Boots (spiked)
***Tattoo: Ravenwear floral upper body tat
***Eyes: Den-Dou Gothly Eyes light brown
***Poses: TorridWear Paraplu AO

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Solange said...

Hi Achariya, great posts in the feed today, but this one takes the cake. Thank you for making an otherwise ho hum feed day much more interesting with these wonderful pictures