Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lazing when I should be grading

I think the blue peeps are affecting my vision...o_o

I've been having a sucktastic week. When that happens, I post like a mad person in my blog (because it's a source of positive energy and fun), and I also start to sing Mr. Rogers lyrics to myself.

What do you do with the mad that you feel
When you feel so mad you could bite?
When the whole wide world seems oh, so wrong
And nothing you do seems very right?
What do you do?
Do you punch a bag?
Do you pound some clay or some dough?
Do you round up friends for a game of tag?
Or see how fast you go?

It's all Lazy Places all the time for the next five posts. Can you spot all of the kool Lazy Places items I'm sporting? 8D Don't forget the most awesome poses!



***Tank: (Elate!) Cupcake Tank Top in (red)
***Jeans: Last Call Frida Distressed Jeans (no longer available)
***Tattoo: EtchD FL Cropped Top
***Necklace: Lazy Places Fishbones Collar - Black
***Belt: Lazy Places Losing Mah Marblez Belt
***Boots: Lazy Places Naamloos Boots Brown
***Peep: Lazy Places Tasty Bunneh Peep Blue
***Armband: Lazy Places Verlangen armband Red
***Hair: Hal*Hina priscilla hair in almond - Bunny Hop gift
***Eyes: Tacky Star "Zydratic Complications" eyes - veined darker
***Skin: Schadenfreude Alabaster Langwidere Diamond Dogs Onyx, black nail
***Poses: Lazy Places (see my pose sidebar)


Nissa Nightfire said...

aww -- sorry you had a sucky week -- on the up-side, you look fantastic :)

Auntykuro said...

thanks nissa! it's kind of your style isn't it, with the sleek pants and shirt?

Anonymous said...

And those eyes! hee.

Nissa Nightfire said...

lol... i think you might be right :)