Saturday, March 21, 2009

Haunted starlight


I am pointy this morning. I adore the clothing line sold at Material Squirrel -- it's by Haunted Zuzu, and it's always sleek and elegant and dangerous in the best possible way. There's now a room that houses the clothing line, and to tell a small story... Once I was in a Haunted Zuzu outfit to go shopping at Crimson Shadow. A few moments after I landed, someone IM'd that she liked my avatar's look, and since she was a photographer, would I agree to model for a few photos? I suspected the woman of being some kind of weirdo, simply because I never get picked up by anyone (must be my shy nature) but the photoshoot turned out quite nicely. The moral is that Haunted Zuzu outfits are sexxeh enough that even *I* get hit on.

This outfit comes with a toothy blindfold and a skirt that is toothy or not depending upon your mood. Grady dear, this is totally an outfit you'd enjoy!

I'm wearing a delicate set by Balderdash, created for the Armoire jewelry thingie. I always boggle at the delicacy of Saiyge's jewelry work, and the Starlight set is no exception. The bracelet especially emphasizes the wrist and hand with the gems caught in the mesh of metal. Here is a better picture of the earring.


***Shoes: Lazy Places Trailmix
***Hair: BettiePage Wig Hair (from hair fair 2008)
***Skin: Curio Ebon-Gold Foil Frex
***Necklace, earrings, bracelet: Balderdash Starlight set (at the Armoire Jewelry show)
***Outfit: Haunted Zuzu Bitter Teeth

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