Tuesday, March 24, 2009

But do you poop sparkles?


There are some designers that can get me to wear anything, even pink t-shirts with rainbows and unicorns. I blame you, Allegory Malaprop. This shirt isn't being sold yet, but is a taste of the fine fare that will become available at the Starlust's first anniversary event (on April fool's day).

My conversation with Melatonin about this shirt went something like this:

[8:12] Melatonin Hax: SUGARPLUM
[8:12] Achariya Maktoum: you know allegory's sparkly unicorn shirt?
[8:12] Achariya Maktoum: when and where is that gonna be sold?
[8:12] Melatonin Hax: i don't talk about unicorns
[8:12] Achariya Maktoum: eh?
[8:12] Melatonin Hax: I HATE UNICORNS
[8:12] Achariya Maktoum: OKAY 0_0;;;;;
[8:17] Melatonin Hax: OK! i gotta go feed the goats - sorry i've had two pots of coffee and i'm super super crazy!

...So now you know as much about it as I do. Please also note that I'm wearing some of Violet's adorable new jewels, including the hairclip (above), the new Saturday Flats by Shiny Things (so versatile I can't take 'em off), and katat0nik's lucky butt pants.



***Eyes: HooT Eclipse Eyes - group gift
***Nails: Shop Seu black nails
***Lip ring: ellabella Pretty Pearls upon your Lips
***Undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ (ashes) how we quit the forest
***Socks: *katat0nik* (pink/dk pink) striped stockings
***Skin: Den-Dou OD4 Oiran skin/Heidi
***Hair: BP* arranged braid hair/brown
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Saturday Flats in black
***Pants: *katat0nik* (black) lucky butt pants
***Shirt: Schadenfreude Sparkle Village Tee -- this'll be sold April 1st-ish for the Starlust one year anniversary event
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Kawaii Cameo Hairpin, Earrings and Necklace in Heart design
***Poses: Check for SLURLs on my pose sidebar. The bendy pose is a freebie from a Japanese sim.


Nivaya Barbosa said...

But, I don't understand, a rainbow unicorn doesn't fit in with the current theme of the Starlust, does it? :o

Melatonin Hax said...

EXACTLY Nivaya - Unicorns and sex don't REALLY fit the current theme of Starlust. Would you please explain that to Apatia and Allegory...unicorn sex islands.....

Apatia Hammerer said...

SERIOUSLY? seriously you're going to take this to Ach's blog comments' Melatonin? please, in how many languages do i have to beg you to keep our personal strife personal and private? I swear... you are the devil. You satanic evil mongering evil monger.

-Niv... I can't think of anything more Starlusty than Unicorns and happiness and sex islands. *personally*

Nivaya Barbosa said...

So....I guess the rumours are true...

Well. You know, I'll support you in this. But ONLY for Allegory. You'd better treat her right. She's....she's special, you know.

Allegory Malaprop said...

To answer your question, Ach: I <3 Starlust group notices. Will be out in the motel lobby later today, to commemorate renaming the Starlust Motel to Sparkle Village.