Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bro-mance in the Wastelands

After a hard day of battling in the Wastelands, the girls return home...

You were a brick bag, a bowery tuff, so rough
They called you from a cartoon
Pulled out of your pantaloons.
We laid on the mattress and tumbled to sleep
Our eyes align, swaddled in our civies
Cradled in our dungarees.


But you, my brother in arms
I'd rather I'd lose my limbs
Than let you come to harm
But you, my bombazine doll
The bullets may singe your skin
And the mortars may fall


But I, I never felt so much life
Than tonight, huddled in the trenches
Gazing on the battle field
Our rifles blaze away
We blaze away...
~ The Decemberists

Thank you for making some cute fiction with me, Grady. :D


On metal-girl Grady:
***Hat ~ "Kickass hat-Death Valley" ~ Sn@tch
***Hair ~ "Shamsha-white" ~ Kin
***Eyepiece ~ "Doll scouter" ~ Le Petit Prince
***Eyes ~ Zydratic complication" ~ Tacky Star
***Skin ~ "Eros porcelain-custom version" ~ Nomine
***Right shoulder piece ~ "Sexadoll bionic arm/shoulder" ~ Le Petit Prince
***Left lower and upper arm ~ Mantoid arm guards" ~ Hybrid Productions
***Gloves ~ "Heavy army gloves" ~ Happy Bivouac
***Breastplate/top/pick and shovel ~ "from the "Relic Excavator" set ~ Relic Excavation (Slurl is to the main hub)
***Belt ~ "HPX black belt" ~ Hybrid Productions
***Shorts ~ "Grindhouse cutoffs" ~ Nomine
***Leg Wraps ~ "Midnight straps/socks" ~ Dark Eden
***Thigh knife ~ "Hunting knife" ~ Cortech Enterprises
***Shoes ~ "Shabby shoes-black ~ Grim Bros.
On metal-girl Acha:
***Poses: Cute couple poses from Long Awkward Pose (thanks, Dove)
***Gloves/left arm: Le Petit Prince Steampunk armor
***Stockings: *katat0nik* (silver) Strawberry Dream stockings from the set
***Eyes: Den-Dou eyes emerald green
***Outfit: MichaMi Lulu Jump Suit in gray
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Reckless boots
***Skin: Schadenfreude Alabaster Lang Diamond Dogs Ruby, Red Nail
***Tattoo: -Demise- Devote my heart
***Lip ring: ellabella pretty pearls upon your lips
***Choker: *katat0nik* (chest) locked heart choker
***Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum Kamenwati - Mahogany (tattoo)
***Head set: Le Petit Prince octopus head set
***Monocle: Le Petit Prince steampunk monocular

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Anonymous said...

That was so much fun! Thank you Ach. <3