Thursday, February 19, 2009

You can sail the seven seas


Hiya. Welcome to five posts in which I flail around trying to look like a real boy (tm). This is in support of Winter Jefferson's plea for more boy stuff for the RFL Clothing Fair. I am (as everyone knows) a huge fan of yaoi as well as exploring one's inner Other, and I'd also love boi Ach to have a larger wardrobe. Today I dug through my inventory trying to find stuff that I haven't worn to death on this guy, and came up with something that reminds me of the Village People. Oh well...

[Research bit]

Yesterday, I sat with Subversive Writer and Nivaya and Kii on Nivaya's swing. We swung back and forth for a while chatting until suddenly I noticed that Subversive was glowing with red bits all over his torso and hips. "What's that?"

"My interactive parts!" Subversive said. Gleefully I began to click them, until I realized that they weren't turned on. Sadly I dragged myself home, only to encounter this message from Niv.

"He's got his bits set to quack like a duck if you click then," Niv chuckled, "and they're spamming us. Look." She pasted in a bunch of quacking.

After I was done laughing, this made me ponder the following: the one thing that Second Life doesn't really have is the sense of touch. We go through enormous efforts to pretend, though, setting up interactive components that at least make you feel like you're achieving something when you touch someone. My favorite is the /hug command... For a second, I feel like I'm snuggling someone for real! This reminds me of the many ways in which we're trying to extend the real into the virtual...

***Lipchain: ellabella skully lip chain with madonna
***Necklace: 69 AX&Skull topchain
***Watch: Draconic Kiss Teddy Watch
***Undershirt tie: from ~silentsparrow~ (silver) coronis suit
***Blazer: *Valiant* Black Military Blazer
***Waistcoat: Mako Magellan charcoal suit waistcoat
***Skin: Nomine AH01 masaharu
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Spencers
***Pants: From the Four Yips black and white tailored suit
***Hair: H2L Shun2 Silver

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