Thursday, February 26, 2009

Victorianna boutique, post 5


There might've been a few too many cute outfits to choose from for my last post of five, so I just wore them all. Three designers that I love have little outlets here. It always makes me smile to see people's outlet stores -- sometimes the tides of time have swept them a little to the past, and I remember back to when a particular item was released.

I'd been meaning to purchase this dress from Silver Rose for quite some time, and was overjoyed to see it here. It's a beautifully textured tutu that comes in several dark brocade colors, and is one of the more affordable pieces from Silver Rose. ~silentsparrow's~ Coppelia is fluffy tulle goodness, and Draconic Kiss's Bound Heart is a perfect example of Draconic's mastery of prims. Draconic makes some of the fluffiest skirts in all SL.

I've come to my end of three posts about Victorianna Boutique. It was nice to post in lolita after posting as a boi -- back to my pink roots.

[Research] Today I was barely in SL. I like the way in which Plurk helps to extend the conversations within SL to a space outside of it. Plurk feels a lot like a ton of tiny topic-specific chatrooms, and when you have a number of friends from SL watching you plurk, it feels as if you're interacting in-world even when you aren't. I'm not sure what this says about Second Life literacy. Perhaps that our online and offline realities aren't bounded and contained, but instead that they are mutable and permeable, and that people we associate with different contexts (like SL or LJ or Plurk) exist outside of them too, of course. More collapsing of boundaries...more fluidity of literacy between media. [End research]



***Outfits: (Found at the Victorianna Boutique)
Red and black striped - Draconic Kiss Bound Heart
Aqua tutu - ~silentsparrow~ coppelia in (sea)
Feathery tutu - Silver Rose Designs Princess Krahae (Claret)
***Hat: Wretched Dollies Pinkie - Black Hat (Found at the Victorianna Boutique)
***Hair: Historic Heroines Miss Woodhouse in crystal blonde (Found at the Victorianna Boutique)
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White Mourna Black
***Pierce: ellabella Garnet lovin' lip rings
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Chunky Ribbon Boots - pink
***Sekrit hidden katat0nik undershirt is not yet for sale. It's the Snow Bunny outfit shirt on the undershirt layer, begged for by yours truly cause it's so versatile :p

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Eh this hat is one good find Achari<3