Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Victorianna boutique, post 3


This is my third post in Stuff from Victorianna Boutique, and on top of that, I'm not myself -! I'm photographing in a stunning shape by Ellabella -- the Bella shape. The face is elfin and pointy-chinned and adorable, and the rest of the body is so well-balanced that it's going to give my usual shape (from Boneflower Designs) a run for its money. Ellantha made this shape to roleplay a teen, and she did such a good job that I begged her to sell it (for my own nefarious reasons -- I wanted it for my OWN). She's selling it for just 350L. There's another shape in her shop, a tiny fairy, that I might get with next week's money. :p

The shape seemed to suit lolita perfectly. The Mourna skin in purple by Nomine suits the mouth very nicely, and the hair (Historical Heroines found at Victorianna Boutique) frames the high cheekbones very well.


And guess what? Inspired by my own complete fail at crediting posemakers (because I take so many photos I never remember who made what pose), I have another challenge.


***Earrings: Violet Voltaire My Violent Heart Earrings (found in Victorianna Boutique)
***Hair: Historical Heroines Miss Doolittle - Coal Black (found in Victorianna Boutique)
***Outfit Wretched Dollies EGL Fancy Feets (found in Victorianna Boutique)
***Shoes: 69 MoccasinBoots NeigeBlanc
***Tattoo: Alexitimia Tattoo suicide butterfly heart
***Shape: ellabella Bella herself shape
***Skin: Nomine Sylvan China White Mourna Purple Sans
***Pierce: No Mercy Skeleton Head Piercing


Green Dream said...

I can haz answer to challenge? :D

TeSa said...

wow! That is some look, must have taken a bit of time to put that together, Awesome. Your imagination is so fun!

Anonymous said...

Challenge met! Thanks for the grand idea.

-Thema Felix

Anonymous said...

or rather, this link. *doh!*

Sasy Scarborough said...

fun thank you http://scarboroughflairbysasyscarborough.wordpress.com/3022009/

xox Sasy xox