Monday, February 23, 2009

Victorianna boutique, post 1


When I first started Second Life, I did a search for Gothic Lolita clothing. One of the top hits was the Victorianna Boutique. I went to check it out and felt quite stunned by the stark white pokiness of the build. It's a little girl's princess dream, white minarets and spires dancing in the sky, wide balconies overlooking waterfalls, rooms for dancing and rooms for a royal court. The whole place seemed to invite roleplay...

The boutique is full of fluffiness. Knee-length frocks that bell out from the waist, stockings with lace garters, bodices that are sometimes corseted and often frilled. The colors range from Sweet Lolita (LicoLico has a presence here) to Elegant Gothic Lolita to Gothic, and the range of stores is quite commendable. For the next five posts I'll be focusing on stuff from this shop.

Along with it, I'll be wearing Nomine's new Mourna skin. I spotted it on Mourna over here at this post, and thought to myself that I absolutely had to have those skins. Damn that gorgeous Mourna in gorgeous skins, emptying my pockets again.

Last night I took part in a Second Life baby shower for a RL pair of twins (a few photos are over here in my Flickr stream). I enjoyed it quite a bit, especially trying to fit the things we could do in Second Life to the theme of 'baby shower.' The usual traditions of a baby shower don't involve quite so much dancing, but dancing is an SL tradition, and DJ Jhurzen Ketsugo did a lovely job. Hethr also spent some time bashing a pinata made by Violet and Lalita, and the result was that we all got to pick up cute little baby bottles with drinking animations. It was quite adorable, and we ended up giving Hethr a nice RL present at the end of it, with many thanks to everyone who donated Lindens, time and creativity.

[Research] It was fascinating to see how we cobbled together a hybrid of offline and online practices for this particular event. To keep conversation flowing, I used questions related to babies and children and child-rearing. I called these 'meme' questions, because they resemble the ones found in Facebook or LJ memes. Lalita took exception to this. "That isn't a meme," he objected. "Memes are viral content." I did mean them in the sense of viral content, but more as a metaphor -- questions that resemble the kinds of things that become viral content. We have a meeting set to haggle out the definition. [End research]

***Hat: Illusions Sabrina top hat
***Lip ring: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Necklace: Handmaidens Rosary Ring Pendant
***Shoes: Periquita Mary Squares
***Eyes: Den-Dou gothly eyes light brown
***Kitteh: Illusions group gift Valentine's Kitty 2009
***Hair: Crimson + Clover Lolli Black
***Skin: Nomine Mourna Autumn
***Dress: Kuroi Hane Misa Dress - Victorianna Mall


Arcadia Nightfire said...

I love that dress!

Great look.

Azia said...

Socratic method of party hostessing.

Auntykuro said...

Arcadia - thanks :D It's a neat little Japanese design shop.

Azia - ahaha, you're right.