Sunday, February 1, 2009

A stay of corsets

Miss Gabrielle Riel

My second post about Victorian lovelies include Gabrielle Riel, Katrina Pugilist and Lola79 Heinrichs. Katrina is the designer of Kat's Meow, a costume shop with a range of products, and is wearing one of her Victorian dresses. I do hope she makes more, the shape and construction are definitely lovely, with a flowing, low-necked shape straight from fantasy novels. Lola is in a Black Canary dress, bustled and high-necked. Her garb borders on the Edwardian, and she's managed to make it fey and gothic with her accoutrements.

Gabrielle Riel is a preeminent Caledonians, a DJ and radio station owner, and is wearing a dress made specially for her by M'Lady Fashions (an excellent Victorian frock shop). She looks very Gibson Girl, and is, in fact, wearing Miriel's Gibson Girl hair!

These three looks had me thinking about the movie "Take me to St. Louis," so I stuck these three ladies on the new sim Festivale. They look all ready for a nice constitutional around the fairgrounds! While photographing, I realized how bloody difficult it is to take a good photo of an enormous skirt. I'm working on it...

Miss Lola79 Heinrichs

Miss Katrina Pugilist


Katrina Pugilist
***Outfit: Victorian Gothic in Red by Kat's Meow
***Shoes: KM Buttoned Ankle Boots by Kat's Meow
***Jewelry: KM Teardrop Set - Gold with Ruby by Kat's Meow
***Hair: Cathy by Curl up and Dye
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Buff Sultry 3
Gabrielle Riel
***Dress - "Miss Gabrielle" by M'Lady Fashions (Teaa Demina)
***Jewelry - "DewDrop Diamonds & Leaves" in red by Alienbear Design (Alienbear Gupte)
***Gloves - "Elegant Basic Long Dress Gloves" tinted black by Nicky Ree
***Skin - "GP Opaline Vex" by Gala Phoenix
***Hair - "Gibson Girl Hair" in Coffee by Miriel (Miriel Enfield)
Lola79 Heinrichs
***Hair: Truth Katy Night Abyss Hair
***Skin: *Illuminati* Female China Amethyst Skin -- no longer available
***Hat: [TBC]The Black Canary Mini PFur Hat (Black/White) --group gift
***Shoulder panda: Pink Fuel Heart Panda -- gift from Mochi
***Necklace: Silver Wheel Holding Me Back necklace
***Ears: *Illuminati* Elf Ears
***Lip ring: .:ellabella:. Garnet lovin' lip rings
***Shoes: Nighshade -- Datura's Night--Colorless Love Heels
***Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes pc eyes by LL - last light
***Dress: [TBC] The Black Canary - Lady Marra


Ki-Squared said...

Thank you SO much for having something not only gorgeous to show off, but that -doesn't- look like a streetwalker (who got mugged).

Achariya Rezak said...

:D ... uh, you mean, on the sim? *not sure where this comment is heading...*