Monday, February 9, 2009

She laid her snow-white hand


I'm not sure why, but after staring at Fleur's new skin for ~silentsparrow~ (the China L'Oiseau) this poem came to mind:

Down by the sally gardens my love and I did meet;
She passed the sally gardens with little snow-white feet.
She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree;
But I being young and foolish with her did not agree.

In a field by the river my love and I did stand,
And on my leaning shoulder she laid her snow-white hand.
She bid me take life easy, as the grass grows on the weirs;
But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears.
-- Yeats

Perhaps the delicate tracery of tears around the eyes, or the china-white skin...


***Shoes: /Fuel / Nelly legwarmer boots, shoe part only
***Hair: House of Munster Wicked in black and whites
***Outfit, including legwarmers and armthingies: *League* Steampunk apocalypse v.2
***Shape: Cheeky Girl skin shape, shop freebie
***Skin: Fleur Allure China L'Oiseau 1, 2, and 3
***Necklace: Ultra Kitty PP. Feather&string -Zebra
***Piercings: Ultra Kitty UK.Sonyeo piercings

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