Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sakura yori dango


Sakuradawn's challenge (boy for a day) was such a cute idea that I had to drag out boy Ach for it. Sakuradawn says she pervs on him, but after seeing HER boi av, I bet she'll just sit around playing with...wait. I'll stop there.

Anyway. Here he is, being his bad girly-boy self. Seriously, I suck at being a real man (unlike these two, whom I hear are actually RP'd by incredibly talented geriatric women!). I figured that the best way to look MANLY was to pretend I was in a Marlboro ad, ya know? So here I am on my horse, in my hat and cowboy boots, singing Patsy Cline. ...Okay, maybe not Patsy Cline. How 'bout Village People? Worse, you say?

I think I'd better send boi Ach to manliness training school. I quite like the idea of that, especially if there are wilderness obstacle courses and paddles and bonfires and afternoon tea! ...Wait...


***Boots: J's Westernboots in black
***Gloves: Magika electrical tape gloves
***Pants: Doc Eldritch "IV" pants, from the set
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Jack- Midnight, along with the hat
***Skin: Den-Dou Ichiro -pale- 06 Eyeliner clean
***Shirt: *Sprawl* the contract shirt in bone
***Horse: AKK 07 wr Pibald


Dawn said...

*pervs all over you*


Auntykuro said...

*pervs back* ahahahaha. we should chronicle their bishie affair.

Mourna Biziou said...

I wish I knew how to quit you, boi-ach.

Sanpierre Juran said...

Here are my two cents (pence? I live in the UK now...) about how to be boi-for-a-day. I haven't been girl-for-a-day myself, but I designed a female friend's girl avatar, and I think it was pretty successful.

The key was to have a specific woman in mind - in this case, my friend. I didn't try to build her SL twin, but I used her style as my design template. In this case it was "likes to dress well but is basically a 'normal girl'" with a certain body type, coloring, etc.

Keeping her in mind was enough to make it really easy - a Fleur skin with a hint of freckles, a Lemon shape de-idealized a bit with larger hips and smaller boobs, some Sirena hair that's pretty without being TV-star smooth and tidy, and clothes from Icing, PixelDolls, MichaMi and a few others that were consistent with her style.

One of my male looks, the sort of goth-hottie one (that you blogged recently, thaks!) started as a similar experiment of thinking of another friend (tall, pale, white hair, imposing demeanor) and building an avatar to those abstract ideas. This approach of thinking of a particular person and then trying to abstract their essence really works for me.

Azia said...

This brought to my mind the scene in the 1996 release of "The Birdcage" where Robin Williams' character is teaching Nathan Lane's character to walk like John Wayne.

Auntykuro said...

Mourna -- Boi-Ach winks.

Thanks for that input, San! I am wearing the Lemon Parachute shape actually. I like the idea of putting on a persona. Can I snitch your words for the presentation I'm giving in SF? I'll credit your Av.

Azia - Ahaha, I love that movie.

Sanpierre Juran said...

Of course, Ach, I'd be honoured. Use what you wish.