Friday, February 27, 2009

Posemaker Challenge - Long, Awkward Pose


Posemaker challenge...

Earlier today, Zaara laughed at me for having moobs when she saw Boy Acha in her new Isis shirt. Luckily, the real set for boys is coming out in approximately ten days (she says), so consider this a preview with a small boob-shading bonus. You can see the lovely, filmy shirt in more detail in the large size of this photo. *cough* Anyway, here I am in the only male pose set that I use, the ones by Long Awkward Pose.

In short, Dove Swanson's poses make even an effete crossdressing kittyboy like me look manly, even with a tail swishing between my legs. Some of her poses are bobble-headed for use in Animation Overrides, and some are priority 4 so that you can use them for modeling. On one fine occasion I was stuck up on a model stand full of crap freebies, and had the luck of donning a [LAP] pose that neatly erased the crap one beneath. Saved by [LAP]!

The poses all have hilarious names, including one called "cocked" which I'm SURE refers to the position of the hip, and not Lawless's "coin purse." Right, Dove?


***Poses by Long Awkward Pose: Tie Adjust, Cocked, Back step, Flex, Model Fancy, Try Harder
***Gloves: Sprawl Shove Gloves (flora)
***Pierce: Ellabella Skully Lip Chains w/ madonna
***Scarf: Muism crinkle scarf / silver
***Boots: Zero Number Long Boots Black
***Bracelet: Studio Sidhe Men's Celtic Knotwork Leather Cuff
***Skin: Den-Dou Boys Kabuki/Jiro
***Ears, tail: Atomic Kitty Black Wolf Set
***Hair: Philotic Energy Billie in Black
***Pants: Zaara Ishaya Velour slacks *black*
***Shirt: Zaara Isis shirt *white*


Dove Swanson said...

Thank you Ach! ^.^ They look good on boy-Ach!

Alyx Sands said...

Oh but boy Ach's moobs are cute....