Wednesday, February 18, 2009

katat0nik post 4: le neko violet


Yesterday was a long day in Second Life. My daughter was sick, so I found myself logging in quite often just to play dress up while watching interminable episodes of Scooby Doo with her. I worked on three dressup outfits... It struck me that part of knowing how to navigate Second Life includes knowing how to handle one's enormous inventory. To build an all-purple outfit with katat0nik's clothing, I used her handy standardized clothing names to search -- *katat0nik* (purple). Some designers are nice to the inventory and stick to standards, some don't so much, it's all a process of knowing how they think.

I had a brief funny moment with Ellantha yesterday evening. "Ella, I can't get *katat0nik* clothing to look slutty," I said. Ellantha said something to the effect that she was in a small *katat0nik* freebie skirt and thought she might be slutty, but when I went to inspect I found she was wrong. The genre of these clothing is firmly in cute land, although I am trying hard to twist it a little in these posts. The 'slut-it-up' bits are the sheer *katat0nik* shirt with the bra beneath, although...I think I still look cute.

Everybody go look at Mourna's glorious look from yesterday! After reading it, I hopped right over to the store that sold her skirt and ran into Willow and Lola. See what posting a beautiful picture can do? It can totally fill a store. :D

Also, Sasy Scarborough's Fashionable Relay Challenge has started; go see the posts so far!


SLURL to *katat0nik*
***Socks: *katat0nik* purple/black striped stockings
***Undies: *katat0nik* fruit bra and panties in plum
***Shirt: *katat0nik* (purple/black) sheer s/s shirt
***Armband: Discord Bottle Arm Belt
***Necklace: Gritty Kitty Mr. Skully Necklace
***Piercings: Fluky Face Piercings
***Belt: First Flower triple hoop blet
***Boots: 69 Antiqueboots with the neko add-ons
***Jeans: The Closet ToneDenim PPL
***Kitsune parts: Atomic Kitty Wolf Basic Set
***Hair: Philotic Energy Adi in Violet
***Skin: Den-Dou Oden-02


Nivaya Barbosa said...

Yeeah, I think you've proven it's pretty impossible to look slutty in katat0nic, despite efforts...

Anonymous said...

Just slightly slutty, but still adorable. *pinches your cheeks*

And thanks for the kind words on my post! <3