Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fashionable Relay Challenge!


We interrupt five days of Lolita for a Fashionable Relay Challenge Post!

How lucky am I to get handed the baton on Mardi Gras? It gave me the perfect excuse to put on Alicia Mureaux’s crotchless pants! She looks marvelous and completely rocker in those, so I decided to find a different aesthetic entirely. I went for a Mardi Gras masque look, set off by Schadenfreude's free beads (if people click them, they get their own!), and a free mask from Illusions (when you are there, do look around for other amazing masks for tonight).

Back to the pants. I think I'll keep them on all day long, especially because they set off my large collection of *katat0nik* ruffle panties perfectly. (Do you ever have this problem? You have awesome undies and no way to show them off? These pants seem like a great solution, if you have the balls for it.)

I admit to being in love with this hair from The Stringer Mausoleum. The burnished reds set off my Mardi Gras colors of gold, green and purple, represented by my skin (MiaSnow skin for only 50L!) and outfit. *cough* Okay, I apologize for the outfit bits that come from sets, such as the shirt from PixelDoll's BonBon dress and the tails from ~silentsparrow's~ Valerian suit, but both outfits are well worth owning, and I tried to mitigate those by using free items too.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez, everyone! My husband's making Jambalaya tonight in honor of his cajun roots. My background photos were taken at The Big Easy sim, which is a recreation of New Orleans for the purpose of charitable donations for the hurricane destruction. Visit it here!

After me is Miss Kallisti Burns. I wish you luck, and I'm sorry you can't wear these amazing pants.


***Pants: (worn by Alicia) Oh Lala Leather & Lace, Black Leather Skull Chaps
***Gloves: Fleur Gloves Long Emerald
***Pierce: FlipSide FF10 Pierce
***Earrings: Lassitude and Ennui Medea in gold and crystal
***Socks: amerie's Naughty LoC_Socks Green
***Shoes: First Flower Hoya Strapped in Ruby
***Shirt: from (PixelDolls) BonBon set
***Corset: Schadenfreude from the Noir Revenant set
***Panties: *katat0nik* (red) heart ruffle panties
***Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum *TSM* Shadow Keeper - Red Shine
***Tails: ~silentsparrow~ from the (ash) Valerian Suit
***Necklace: Schadenfreude Mardi Gras Beads -- Store freebie!
***Skin: MiaSnow Goldess Skin -- 50L skin!
***Mask: Illusions Peacock Mask, store freebie


Sasy Scarborough said...

Very Dramatic and beautiful.

xox Sasy xox

Anonymous said...

Fan-freakin'-tastic!! You took me up on my fashion dare and did amazing. I'd tip my hat to you but it is still covering up my bits. Hihihi.....

Serene Fairey said...

You are completely insane and I love it !!! yay the colors have burned out my retinas.

Anonymous said...

I lurves the acids in these colours. Your sense of colour always blows me away. And, I think you just handed me my next shoot location. <3

Auntykuro said...

Sasy - thanks :D

Alicia - Haha. Hm, how else can I lure that hat off...

Serene - *snrk* *hands you new SL retinas*

Grady - I dunno, it's pretty but kind of...doesn't have much around it. Tableau might be better for the ambiance.