Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cheeky Moonshine


I blame Ellantha for two things -- first, for inspiring me to wear hippie colors, and second, for making me feel more at peace with flashing my avatar's belleh. In this case I'm doing both. I'm in love with J's three-way Engineer boots (the cuffable version of his winter freebie), and I'm wearing it in soft colors that match the shades of my skin and hair.

A new skin store debuted on Nouveau named Cheeky Girls. I'm wearing skin and hair from a "hello, we exist" note that they sent out -- Butterscotch - Cecily 3 skin and Lolita hair in Cordial Cherries color. The skin really is adorable, a soft wash of eyeshadow, blush and lip tone that lives up to the store's name.

I'm also wearing an outfit that Ana Lutetia wrote about over here in her usual inimitable way -- the Etched outfit in graphite by Moonshine Clothing. I quite like the poofy skirt and the little jacket, although my belly is feeling a little cold... It comes with a cute scarf too that I'm not wearing, but you can see it on Ana.

Cheers! I hope you have quiet Sundays.


***Outfit: Moonshine Clothing Etched in Graphite (includes scarf, not shown)
***Hair: Cheeky Girl Lolita in Cordial Cherries
***Skin: Cheeky Girl - Butterscotch - Cecily 3
***Lipthingie: ellabella Garnet lovin' lip rings store dollarbie
***Hand tattoo: Zaara Arabic Henna Eid gift store freebie
***Stockings and chest tattoo: from the ~silentsparrow~ fleur suite in umber
***Boots: J's 3Way Engineer Boots in RB

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