Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boi Ach by Schadenfreude


[Research bit]

Semiotics of designers? I noticed today while decking out boi-Ach (almost) entirely in Schadenfreude that designers have an internal vision of what people should look like. This is obvious, I guess, but not so obvious as when you're able to put together an entire avatar in a shop. Allegory's male looks perfectly made up, but in a fantastical way. Her Sennyo elf skin is bedecked with doodles and a wash of color...while the lines of Schadenfreude clothing are severe, the color always adds a splash of the whimsical. I've added Ach touches to this outfit (colorful /artilleri/ tattoos, Japanese hair, soft canvas shoes from Akeyo, bone jewelry from Studio Sidhe), but if I'd wanted to, boi-Ach could've gone with the Schadenfreude mohawk, jewelry and buckle boots for a complete Allegory look. It's kind of neat to be able to make a whole person in one shop, if you think about it...

[End research]

Schadenfreude is eminently wearable. I was thinking about this today while I put on a few of the many layers of shirt. The designs are plain enough to put with/under/in anything, but interesting enough to add a hint of personality. Safety-pinned front flap of the Lurking shirt is FTW.

You are invited to Hethr Engel's Baby Shower - Sunday 2/22 (tomorrow) 7 PM SLT - PinUps on the Retrology Sim!

-- DJ Jhurzen Ketsugo
-- Hethr, without a fake pregnancy belly! Come wish her well!
-- Dress code/theme: PINK AND BLUE. :p

Is RL that much different that SL? For tomorrow's baby shower for Hethr Engel of Closet Crisis, I'm on the hunt for pink and blue balloons, one for each of the poor girl's twins. Thus do our visions of reality invade Second Life; I'm assuming that even in SL, boys and girls should be represented by their stereotypical colors...

*grin* Do come party. Ketsy is DJing, and Hethr's taste in baby shower music is indie and alternative rather than cute. Go Hethr, making something like a baby shower COOL.


***Shoes: Akeyo Slipper Bean
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo
***Hair: Find Ash Normal Hair2 Amber Brown
***Jewelry: Studio Sidhe Bone & Silver engraved bracelet and necklace (mens)
***Outfit: Schadenfreude Rust Lurking pants and shirt
***Skin: Schadenfreude Thistle Sennyo Hato, plus ears

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