Sunday, February 1, 2009

A bevy of bodices

Eileen Villiers and Kymsara Rayna

Ah, Caledonians! Apparently there's a burning need for a good review of Victorian clothing, because I was very, very busy today! Many ladies hopped into my photo globe to show off their finery, and I noticed that many of the period frocks were from Ivalde, which is a fine choice -- Neferia's ability to creatively twist any vintage period is amazing. Teaa Demina (the designer for M'Lady Fashions) also stopped by to show off her portrait-inspired dress, Princess Sissi. As she describes it, layers upon layers of ivory voile embellished with golden stars in a full bustle are perfect for dancing at the ball. Her words made me remember the rustle and glitter of Caledonian balls, couples waltzing under (or on) the roofs of fine houses, prim skirts swirling...

Part of the magic of Caledon, those balls, and the opportunity to dress to the nines. Also to this shoot came a few ladies in riding attire, something for the more casual day. Another memory, riding my horse around Tanglewood, and along the multi-sim stretch of railroad that has an actual running train. One of the great pleasures of Caledon is to hop aboard that train and take it from Caledon Victoria City all the way to it's terminus, many many sims away.

Many thanks to the women who joined me today, for their glowing dresses and good spirit. (Pardon me for not providing the SLURLs. I died at all the shops I'd have had to look up.)

Teaa Demina

Ilsa Munro and Ellantha Larsson

Vian Magic and Eleanor Anderton

Teaa Demina:
***Outfit: M'Lady Fashions Princess Sissi.
***Shoes: M'Lady Fashions
Eleanor Anderton:
***Outfit: Wretched Dollies BJD Pretty Paisley - Green
***Shoes: Ztique - Bowie in Black with Lace
***Hair: Marisela II - Carmel Blackened
***Skin: Laqroki ~ Rita 07 Portrait
Kymsara Rayna:
***Outfit - Elsine Gold by Ivalde
***Skin - Rose Beige Inari by Ivalde
***Hair - Miss Westenra by Historical Heroines
***Jewelry - Golden Essence by Laurelrose Anthony
***Shoes - Ankle Boots by Lassitude & Ennui
Vian Magic:
***Outfit: Celeste from the Ivalde Couture Line. The set includes both pant and dress option.
Eileen Villiers:
***Outfit: Dorothea Green Bustlegown from Ivalde
ellantha larsson
***Lip ring: .:ellabella:. TriCog Lip
***Frock: ~Ivalde~~Millie teal bustlegown
***Hair: ETD Natasha (Naturals I Pack)
***Skin: :GP: Luster-Blossom-Frex
***Necklace: (Shiny Things) Industrial chain - silver
Ilsa Munro (Her mechanical items shop!)
***Hair - Analog Doh Sasha in Steel with 11PM Bangs in Steel
***Eyes - Flawed Perfect Neko Siam
***Skin - LF Chai Mistress in Nutmeg
***Gown - Morgana Kingsford's Ruby Victorian Dress and Cloak
***Shoes - Tesla - Ziggy in Lucky


Unknown said...

oww Kym Eileen and Vian WOW so proud of you - you all look stunning.
al the shots are lovely but these 3 are special

Ilsa Munro said...

Errr, some typist I am... My hair is from Analog Dog, not Analog Doh - though it is appropriate in this case :)