Sunday, February 15, 2009

And the winning bid goes to...


LOL. Winter Jefferson, I admire you. Tonight's auction was proof that Aussies don't need fancy venues, clothing, working auction machines or even rezzed avatars to make something happen. Your pluck and indomitable spirit raised money for the bush fire victims anyway, and I got to see Truth Hawk's d***.

It is strange and exciting to be up on an auction block. I figured my going price would be around 500L, but I ended up making 20,000L for the cause, largely due to the generosity of a certain *cough* donor. Speaking of whom, welcome to five days of katat0nik. In return for her generosity to this cause, I'll be remixing her outfits for the next five days in this space.

Grady v.v I'm sorry I wasn't rich enough to win the bid. Next time!


Dawn said...

:D Yay!!!!! See I knew you would go for lots!

Anonymous said...

Me too Ach. Getcha next time tho!
Winter is magnificent. I think he must have tatooed "Failure is not an option" somewhere on his bod.

*settles in to watch the parade of lovely that is Katatonik interpreted through the eyes of Ach.