Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You gain 2XP!


I love fishing, and now that hyasynth's updated her fishing spot at ~silentsparrow~ with a few new, cute items, I'm going to be putting in a lot more time again (I'm only 6th level!). I love fishing not simply because of the avaricious element of it (mmmm, stuff), but because it provides good company. Whenever I fish I'm surrounded by nice people in a meditative silence as we cast and reel and sort inventory, and every now and again I pan around to see what people are wearing.

Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of a pretty fairy wearing neat stockings and shoes. The stockings were from Reasonable Desires -- I hadn't been to the shop before, but they mixed so well with the ~silentsparrow~ limited edition Verde Noir dress that I had to have 'em. I bought orange to match my Soleil Noir, and liked the hat and bustle too.

Then, 713 Ayers (of WEBER) passed me her new corset and shorts with a steampunk design. The browns and oranges are very steampunk together! (Steampunk cabaret?) I'm wearing them with gloves and a gorgeous cog fan from Steamstress, and shoes to match the tights from Ztique. The skin is something that the lovely (and orange-loving) Elusyve told me about -- free orange makeups from Lessthan3.

Now back to fishing!


***Corset, shorts: WEBER Steampunk Sweetheart Corset and shorts
***Armband: WEBER Axis Mundi rusty armband
***Gloves: Steamstress January Gloves (store freebie)
***Fan: Steamstress Fan 5 Cogs
***Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai Industrial Revolution Jewelry set
***Shoes: Ztique Burlesque Tangerine
***Leggings, hat, bustle skirt: Reasonable Desires Tangerine Burlesque
***Hair: BP* CSR 2008 Summer Chignon (no longer around, but similar styles are in the shop)
***Skin: lessthan3 store freebie - sugar - godiva pale


Nivaya Barbosa said...

hya's fishing area officially loves me, I got Cloudy Possum within 5 minutes of sitting down there to fish :D

Auntykuro said...

:oooo I'm jealous, niv!