Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Would you like to sit on a star


Just the other day I pondered to myself, Hmmm, wonder how Zenith is doing? Then, up popped a notice for a new frock. It's the Chicago dress, and it has the same hip style to it as the rest of Zenith's stuff, but this time with a flirty pair of gartered stockings and a little ruffled skirt. The ruffled skirt put me in mind of ~momo's~ new release, the synesthesia dress. It's so pink I tasted cotton candy and heard the sound of a distant circus...

Below, I am sporting a new bit of jewelry from Studio Sidhe -- it's a nose-to-ear chain made of silver and delicate bells, and while it looks pretty on me I can see it absolutely glowing on someone like Strawberry...:D The skins are new from a store called Skinthesis. I quite like the way the lips are drawn, and the pale-toned skin has a lot of character.

The invited talk at was FUN. Nothing like teaching a room full of journalists the meaning of the term 'slash.' (Then tying it back to theories of literacy.) But now, o yes, my brain is shot.


***Ears: Atomic Kitty kitsune ears in white
***Hair: Novocaine Sildete - silver
***Darker outfit: Zenith Chicago Dress
***Lighter outfit: ~momo~ synesthesia dress in (dark) color
***Socks on that lighter outfit: ~momo~ socks in pink, from a four-pack of socks
***Nosering: Studio Sidhe Silver Nose Chain with Bells
***Skin: Skinthesis Mindi-Pale-Moderne (and in one shot, the -Vixen)
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Ving boots in black
***Tattoo: Tramp Stamp - What Else?

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Sasy Scarborough said...

it would hurt my bum, but fabulous looks as usual.

xox Sasy xox