Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wiggily bunny


I categorically deny all knowledge of a bunny invasion. Right, Nissa? Okay, I might have some knowledge of it, and it might be Esme Michigan's fault. In honor of the instigator of Bunny Blogger Week a certain event which may or may not be happening, I am wearing Uncle Wiggily, hair, shirt and skirt. Nissa inspired me to branch out with my bunneh hair, so I decided to try the Dorothy braids. They really suit the avatar nicely! I really, really like the partridge design of the shirt. Esme's got some vastly creative t-shirts in her shop, and I might have to start a small collection.

(As an aside, Plurk spawns some interesting things.)

I'm also wearing an early Valentine's gift from Ztique, free cute pumps and a necklace with a heart theme. The skirt is a group gift from Uncle Wiggily -- so this outfit is cost conscious as well as bunnyriffic slightly furry. *cough* Nothing to see here!



***Socks: Corduroy aenea's dotty leggings
***Avatar: DP**yumyum Winter CSR bunneh av
***Hair: Uncle Wiggily Wigg 01 / Dorothy Hair / red
***Shirt: Uncle Wiggily Red Quail Sweater
***Skirt: Uncle Wiggily Wildflower skirt group gift
***Shoes and necklace: ~Ztique~ valentine gift box Stephie's shoes and necklace


Nissa Nightfire said...

fabulous look, Ach! I deny any knowledge of who started this event that may or may not be happening!

Auntykuro said...

:D Nothing to see here!

Nissa, I tried to comment on your post, but wordpress was giving me "you need to log in" errors even though I had. Aw :(

Nissa Nightfire said...

I appreciate the thought :) I love wordpress, but every once in awhile... :)

Whatsername again....? said...

Thanks Ach :) lovin the uncle wiggily...can't wait for more bunneh!

-wed. soon

MeganK Draper said...

OH! Look at that cute little bunneh! :D *snickers*