Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tribute: Strange Pixels


This post is my tribute to Strange Pixels. I love many things about this Second Life blog, especially that the outfits always tell a story. Grady is the armored one. Her tales are of clomping through the wastes of Second Life, protected to the gills (and eyes). Mourna is the ethereal dark fairy one, floating in her tattered cuffs and crinoline, reflecting a lost mythic world. Dancien is the boy, but he is more than simply a cavalier and prop; he writes to a punk and dangerous vibe, the softness of his lipstick belying the toughness of his attitude. The three of them write photo-essays that go far beyond fashion and end up wiggling their ways into my imagination.

To you three: L'chaim! Thank you for the constant inspiration.



***Necklace: {Handmaidens} rosary ring choker in silver
***Leg: Le Petit Prince cyber leg
***Arm: Le Petit Prince SteamPunk left arm's armor
***Mask: Skanks R Us rebreather gasmask
***Tights: *katat0nik* orange/black striped stockings
***Skirt: Schadenfreude tangerine caged skirt, from the set
***Undies: from Reasonable Desires Tangerine Burlesque costume
***Hair: Zero Style Roussy in raven
***Skin: Curio Obscura Clockwork Automaton Lady in black
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Ving boots in black
***Goggles: Fade Dana Stitched Medusa goggles colored
***Dolly: *katat0nik* #4 Snow Monster Doll
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