Monday, January 5, 2009

This is how I distract myself


Hello! I spent my evening with my husband and child having a kinda-traditional Baton Rouge wake. We drank white wine, ate risotto, and danced around to Louisiana jazz, and then my husband shared his memories of his granny. It was a good night, and I pulled my head sufficiently out of my rear to open a few review folders.

Tenshi Vielle of {CRAP} and {BOUTIQUE} gave me a folder of items to poke at. She mentioned that she's proudest of her jeans, and I put them on. Nice bottom shading and cuffs! She also made a checkered shirt with foldy prim sleeves and very subtle boob shadowing. Lumberjack looks sexxeh!

I am wearing these items with some stuff from Beatrice's shop, Lis_Noir. I love how quirky Lis_Noir is! That bag isn't quite released yet, but it has STUFF on it. It's as though the dark evil lurking within my own bag of doom is manifesting as the glittery sheen of dark purse armor. Purse Vader? Also from Lis_Noir are the shoes (frozen chain heels!), earrings (free colorful bows) and hair. The hair is neat, very molded, and puts me in mind of -Hiccup (in a good way). Thank you for these items to play with, ladies.

The button eyes from Kunstkammer are a group gift, a tribute to a favorite author.


***Poses: Skanks R Us poses from various pose packs.
***Skin: Redgrave 02 Lyla Pale Skin / goldbrown
***Bag: Lis_Noir Anna Bag (not yet released)
***Jeans, shirt: {BOUTIQUE} cuffed skinny pants and plaid shirt
***Earrings: Lis_Noir Kimi earrings (gift at the store)
***Shoes: Lis_Noir leopard-mono print
***Hair: Lis_Noir Mercedes hair in blanc
***Eyes: Kunstkammer Button Eyes January group gift