Friday, January 16, 2009

Shades of brown


This morning I was overjoyed to see a cute new jacket in my in-box. It's from TheCloset, and it comes in three kinds of fur! Bambi63 has been playing a lot with sculpties, and she really is excellent at fitting the sculpty to the fabric. This coat is closed by a neat little bone hook. (Uma looks adorable in the Rabbit one.) Beneath it, I'm wearing a beautifully textured dress by MichaMi. I'm certain that everyone has it already -- as well they should. I dig the wrinkled details and interesting asymmetrical skirt!

Also new is the skin. Rezzables is putting together a collaboration with a Swedish design shop, and this lush skin (with very pouty lips) is the result. I like the depth of the eyes and the sheen of the lips, and the other skins are quite nice too. This is part of the gothier "Mary Mayhem" line.

...Whoa, just learned that the American painter Andrew Wyeth is dead. Perhaps I'll stop by The Quiet and think about him today.



***Jewelry: Zaara head jewel and anklet from the Suvarna set in white
***Shoes: *katat0nik* bubbly mary janes in brown
***Gloves: Schadenfreude Sepia Revenant Gloves
***Jacket: TheCloset Cropped Fur Jacket in Lynx
***Hair: Find Ash Fairy Wave in Gloomy Brown
***Skin: NMA - Mary Mayhem 02 (Rezzables)
***Dress: MichaMi Ida in brown

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Heather said...

OH I love this, very sophisticated I think I need both those things.