Saturday, January 31, 2009

A rustle of petticoats


I'm going to commence five posts in Victorian garb. Second Life is a place of dreams, and I prefer unrealistic, imaginative Victorian to stodgy period-wear. It's fun to get inspiration from authenticity, but what's more fun for me is to browse through Grim Brothers or Laughing Academy and see just what they've done to twist it. I'm posing with two lovely Caledonians today. The woman in red is Terry Lightfoot, designer of the Victorian frock shop To a T. She's in one of her new outfits, her yearly (and gorgeously frilled) Valentine's day dress (I'll be doing another post about this dress in a day or so). Also with me is Magdalena Kamenev, who interprets Victorian via her inner Neko. She's in a Laughing Academy dress.

The Grim Brothers dress that I'm wearing took a trip to the Steampunk place. It has some notable details. It's dark, so it's hard to photograph well, but in-world you can see that the mess of rusted metal is embedded with clock faces (as is the bodice), and as Ellantha pointed out, the hands of the clocks all turn. I really enjoy dressing in Victorian wear, partly because of the imaginative liberties taken with the period, and Grim Brothers dresses make my mind soar.

Speaking of soaring minds, I'm afraid I've got to go do statistics now.



Magdalena Kamenev
***Dress: (Clockwork dress) - Laughing Academy
***Boots: (Cavalier - Fop Style) - Illusions
***Neko Ears: Wynx
***Hair: (Maya - Black Pearl) - Naughty
***Skin: (Nora Samantha) - Nora Skins (out of business)
***Shape: Linden :D
Terry Lightfoot
***Frock: To a T Valentine's Day release, the Ladybird in black and red Bustle Dress Ensemble and black and red silk shoes. (SLURL here)
***Hair: BP* Micky Dango Hair
***Skin: MiaSnow Foxy Girl 6
***Outfit: Grim Bros Miss Punktuality dress with clockwork bits

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Persephone Paine said...

You should check out Silver Rose, if you haven't already. She has some pretty nice stuff.