Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Once more, with feeling


Earlier today, I totally posted a Blue Blood outfit in its entirety -- the Kitten one, photo here. Then I realized that AnaLu posted about the outfit too, and she's so perfect at portraying new releases that I decided I didn't wanna follow THAT :D. Instead, I decided to show y'all a remix, two Blue Blood outfits thrown together -- the Kitten and the Madeleine. Just so you know, each outfit has tons of pieces, and the Kitten one even comes with shoes! See AnaLu's post for all the parts to each, and marvel at the pretty prims. Ghanima's been working hard to make her prims unique, and it shows.

Ghanima was nice enough to match her blacks, though, meaning that outfits can be neatly tossed together. I'm wearing it with one of her skins, the striking-looking Cheshire skin -- I always get nice comments about it when I wear it around the virtual world. I've also got on hair that isn't overpowered by the outfit, Crimson and Clover's Azaria in Black Purple. RIGHT. Now I feel better about life!


***Boots: Lazy Places Hya cloven boots in cloud
***Scarf: Muism Crinkle Scarf in blue
***Hair: Crimson + Clover Azaria - Black Purple
***Horns: Illusions Cerwn Horns
***Skin: Blue Blood Cheshire Skin
***Skirt and socks: from Blue Blood kitten outfit
***Shirt, glitch pants and sleeves: from Blue Blood Madeleine outfit
***Hair bow: from a Hal-hina outfit that I'll write about tomorrow.


Unknown said...

You look hawt! <3

Auntykuro said...

:D thanks, miss ana. hehe.