Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lazy kitty seeks sunbeam

useless person today

My husband and daughter went to a funeral this weekend. They left me all alone in my house, and I thought to myself: I'll get so much done! But as Hethr pointed out, you always think so, but it's always too quiet to work. She's so right, I've done a few little tasks but nothing big, and I was so stir-crazy yesterday that I actually got on SL voice!

Voice is interesting. I chatted with Hethr for a while, and it's so cute to hear her talk. Apparently she's the type that can multitask on voice, whereas I feel like I've got to pay full attention to the conversation. Perhaps I'll get better in time...I dragged myself out of the damned house today, and I'm about to go to dinner with pals, so perhaps this will jumpstart my brain.

In honor of being a totally useless person I'll do a lazy version of credits. My sweater is a group gift for Trey Dope from DP Serenity, and my skirt, armwarmers and legwarmers are from the lucky bag at DP Yumyum. (Are these two businesses somehow related? I've always wondered.) Cheers to the quiet! I've just gotten used to it, and my family returns tomorrow. ♥

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Hethr said...

You were very cute on voice too :P I'm glad your family is back today. I bet Alba will talk your ear off about her trip.