Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jackal Ennui


Tribute (an idea from Winter and Elusyve).

When I was a callow SL youth, I drifted around Caledon looking for Something, but I Wasn't Sure What. I stumbled upon Jackal Ennui one day at a concert given by Autopilotpatty Poppy. "Oh hey. I like your shoes," I said to her. I had on a pair of her finely made Victorian demiboots, not that you could see 'em under my huge prim dress. Jackal was dressed in a sleek black suit from ~silentsparrow~, the bonegarden. It was one of her favorites, and she wore it almost all the time back then.

"Oh, you like my shoes?" Jackal passed me a pair of something she was working on, a little pair of sculptie flats (the Chloe flats, still an elegant shoe). That was so nice of her that I shyly friended her. I was tremendously chuffed when she friended me back.

I told her about my small blog, which I envisioned as a travelogue that somehow involved fashion. I also told her that I lacked purpose in SL -- unlike Jackal, I had no job! She said dryly that jobs in SL were overrated...

Then, Jackal took me traveling. She took me to Luth to get a proper AO (because she said that default Linden stands hurt her eyes), and I did -- my first, the Luth Coy AO. "We'll be AO twins," she laughed. Then, she took me to PixelDolls, one of her favorite clothing stores. Then, to Miriel's to get proper eyes. Jackal almost always wore Miriel eyes and hair, and when I think of her, it's like the picture above, with pale, pale skin from Fleur (back when it was Tete a Pied), a tidy Miriel's updo, and something saucy from PixelDolls. On her feet, of course, were Lassitude and Ennui shoes. "Who is Lassitude?" I asked her.

"That's a secret..." she said.

I remember those days well -- inviting her to my 234 prim plot of land in Caledon and photographing her on a mushroom. SL was brand new and so was my laptop, shiny and full of wonder. Every freebie was a treasure, and Jackal was my traveling companion... We explored many a Japanese sim together. I remember one epic walk through Lico Lico at Halloween. She laughed at the number of orange freebies I picked up... then made me a pair of Estampie shoes in orange to match them all.

...Then, World of Warcraft ate her, and she popped into SL less and less often... At this point, I haven't chatted with her in a year, perhaps! It's rare that one can find a friend that immediately clicks, and I'd found it with her. I missed her a whole lot right at first, but as is the nature of the virtual world, everyone moves on. But thank you for being a great playmate, Jackal, and encouraging me to find my way. I'll always remember that!
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