Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm wearing Saiyge


Yesterday, I spotted a lovely dress. It was Evie's Closet's new release, the Saiyge gown. I'm a fan of anything Saiyge, so I absolutely had to write about it too. I put it on last night and walked around with it for a while. Something that arrested my eye was the way the fabric flowed -- both the sleeves and the skirt. Evie has worked well with the physics of the fabric so that every motion seems graceful. There are many options to the Saiyge outfit, including an additional pack of bits that you can also purchase. My favorite combination was to mix the two -- the sleeker, more medieval skirt with the long flowy sleeves. It also comes with a nicely crafted beaded belt for the big-skirted option.

While you are at Evie's Closet, check out the rest of the sim! I noticed that the Christmas snow has been take down, and it's back to its lush, mossy glory. (SLURL here). Saiyge's shop, Balderdash, is most definitely worth a look.

I've been kind of going photoshop crazy lately, I do apologize for making everyone go through my learning process (but I guess if I don't do it here, I wouldn't get any feedback). I put on this Zero Style hair, which suits the outfit beautifully, and then realized that it's a complete ***** to photoshop the background out from under the floaty locks. Hence, you get a background that matches the pixelization around the hair. =_= I fail. My image quality still also resets at random. Ah well, it's all a learning process.



***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Estampie in royal blue
***Hair: Zero Style chocolat in black
***Skin: Schadenfreude alabaster Elsa in blue face neck upper chop
***Outfit: Evie's Closet Saiyge - Ocean (12 pieces with different sleeve prims, a beaded belt, and a hair wreath, the add-on box has a sleeker skirt and sleeve option)


Elora said...

Beautifull Gown!!!

Amy K. said...

Yes, Zero Style hair is GORGEOUS, but so very alpha! :/

Anonymous said...

I know your pain with the alpha hair (or clothes with alpha) and backgrounds...I solve it by knowing what I'm compositing onto (at least the main color) and then take 2 pictures without moving the camera: one with white background and one with the chosen background (doesn't have to be perfect, and again the the main color will do most times)..between the two I can get a clean edge on the main part of the av and use the colored background picture for the hair/alpha parts. does that sound complicated? its actually pretty easy and much faster than trying to nicely clean and composite all those alpha bits!

..and very sorry to hear about Grandma E. She sounds like my kind of gal :D *hugs*

Cyn said...

Very pretty combo - those sleeves are incredible!

Just got photoshop a couple months ago and trying to teach myself by messing around with sl snaps (forget about the rl ones...) You are so far ahead of me - I find PS way less intuitive compared to other editing programs I've used.

So don't you mind that tiny bit of background - your pics are always great :)

Cyn (who just realized she is commenting with her rl account but is too tired to relog)