Thursday, January 1, 2009

I22 4 m3 & U


I was wandering through the Isle of Tranquility today when I saw a sign (below). Turns out that tomorrow through the 11th, there will be little fair booths with lucky bags full of cutely-bundled sale items from the stores of iTuTu.

I took a wander through the booths. They aren't all set up yet (starts tomorrow), but I found sale skins from Den-Dou (worn above), dresses and hair from amerie's Naughty, and cuteness in the form of lanterns, mouth-cards and hair from Atelier AM. Can't wait to see what DP**yumyum has tomorrow, and Kao, and the rest of those addictive little shops...

Sigh. Once again the release candidate is @#$@ing up my photos. I do apologize.

(SLURL to iTuTu.)


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