Sunday, January 11, 2009

Digit Darkes skins


Sasy from Digit Darkes was kind enough to show me a range of gothy skins she's produced recently. These are some of the unDress W9 Powder skins in the Addicted pack. They've got natural-looking lips in a variety of stains, dramatic eyes with a softly smeared look to the lashes, and the paleness that every goth girl desires. The makeups are quite fun, and to show them off I put on my best mish-mash of ~silentsparrow~ items in finely textured grays. I'm still working on how I portray things in photos, so this is what the skin looks like at noon with no face lighting (thanks to Gogo for that tip). Click the photo for something larger on Flickr.

Ahh, I have a case of the nerves! I teach tomorrow, first class of the semester!

Edit: SunShine pointed out that these skins aren't very gothy -- she's right, Sasy didn't mention that they were gothic, I simply thought they were. My fault! They're neat makeups regardless.

***Skins: Digit Darkes -unDress-W9-Powder Skin Addicted Pack
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Love Like Blood cuffs and earrings, Black Hearts: Screwed necklace
***Corset, gloves: ~silentsparrow~ (ashes) how we quit the forest
***Undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ (lime) nemu suit undershirt
***Pants: ~silentsparrow~ (dove) ryou suit pants
***Eyes: Den-Dou eyes in grey
***Hair: Kin-Lana-White
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