Monday, January 26, 2009

Ded of teaching


Today, I taught. I love teaching. I taught about LOLcats and how they are an example of culture-specific language -- how LOLcats describe the way in which language makes perfect sense in context, but little sense out of context. The class thinks I'm nuts, of course. They're a bunch of great kids, and it'll be a nice last semester at UGA (before we move to Florida and deal with whatever comes next).

I'm exhausted; now for hours of grading. I'm wearing an adorable bloody coatdress from *Canalgrande* while I grade (or at least my avatar is -- RL me is in argyle today). I posted about the freebies from this shop earlier (over here), and saved one of the non-free dresses for bunneh-Ach.

Mm. Grading. Tastes like chicken.

***Av: DP**yumyum winter CSR bunny
***Hair: Black Maria Ruby Black
***Boots: Shiny Things Ving boots in oxblood
***Outfit: CanalGrande Thiriet CR

1 comment:

Alyx Sands said...

heh- I taught about LOLcats last term in my word-formation class, too! It was fun!