Saturday, January 24, 2009

Revisit to an empty hall...


I know that when I wear my boy avatar he invariably looks rather gay. Not in a bad way, of course, but for the purposes of showing how manly men wear ~silentsparrow~ clothing, I invited over guest-hottie Sanpierre Juran. We're both wearing the new Moonchild suits; mine is copper and his is blood. I'm also sporting the short version of the coat to let you peek at my boyish abs (I'm wearing the girl prims with the shorter prim tails), and San's got on the longer version, boy prims.

Skirt is from ~silentsparrow's~ Beloved Lolita in pumpkin

Something very new about this suit is the buckle-closure to the jacket and the long trail of flames down the tails. I quite love these embellishments. The tails are especially cool -- they echo the tattered varilength line of the Wrath suit, but honed a little for an elegantly wasted look (damnit, now I have INXS in my head, and you can stare at the tails here). I always think that hya's tails hint at a nice bum beneath, even though they cover it up. Magic, eh? Girl Ach would like to point out that the suit mixes really well with the Beloved Lolita skirts.

I'm trying to get my brain in gear to write papers, but I still can't. It's a bad case of senioritis, times thirty! Here's a picture of boy bunny Ach fishing (my favorite procrastination), for bunny week:


***Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui Laudanum in black
***Skin: TheAbyss Scorpio
***Hair: Tukinowaguma
***Suit: ~silentsparrow~ moonchild suit in blood, men's prims. Gloves are from the nyx suit.
***Boots: Zero Number AM_Long_Bb Boots black
***Skin: Den-Dou Boys Kabuki / Ichiro
***Hair: Kin-Momo-Red
***Horns: Hybrid Sylvan Dryad horns
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ moonchild suit in copper, women's prims

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