Sunday, January 4, 2009

But which Ryou is it?


Frustration, thy name is randomly changing photo resolution. Tonight's photo challenge became taking all of my pictures, only to discover that they were at a shitty resolution. ARGH. *sigh* ... Moving onward ...

As most of you know, I squat on ~silentsparrow~ instead of having a real home. Lately, the sim has been changing around me. The store has been unearthed! The roof is gone, and in its place there's a land of snow... I feel like I've stepped into Narnia during the white witch's reign. (Ooh. Wonder if there are any stray Pevensies hanging about...)

Along with the new build comes a new suit, the Ryou. It is feathered and distressed and worn, perfect for all of the ice skating I'm about to do on the frozen store floors. The pants struck me especially as something new from hyasynth -- they've got worn bits on the front, giving the outfit a slightly rugged/roleplaying look, much like the Suzume dress (hmmm...feather motif...hmmm).

I'm wearing this outfit with lovely hair from Find Ash. It's one of the SEVEN different hairs in the Find Ash Lucky Bag (for only 350L), outside of the shop on the Island of Tranquility (slurl below). Ahhh, I'm loving this lucky bag thing... I hear there are a few more changes coming to Silent Sparrow, so I'm warning you now: bring gum boots.


***Suit: ~silentsparrow~ Ryou Suit in (dove) -- 14 pieces with prim bits for men and women, including a tattoo.
***Hair: Find Ash Lucky Bag 09 Bronze Pack for women - Airraiz curl
***Boots: Zero Number [ON] Used Boots Ami Brown
***Horns, skin, eyes: Hybrid Archetype Ethereal Phantom

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Lokum Shilova said...

Ohh wow ! I love this new suit by Hya Love your look