Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birdie numnum

*puts on pants*

I am wearing a bevy of cute new things! Above is a ... cheeky skirt from Dark Eden. It comes with a thong (not glitch pants), and as soon as I'm done writing I think I'm going to put something on under this. *g* I love the texture on the skirt, and the double belt. I've tried to nerd it up with this soft sweater from DP**yumyum, found in the lucky bag at the main store (those are all so worth the price!).

Two other new items are Possum, the cute birdy on my shoulder from ~silentsparrow~, and these boots from Royal Blue. I've always dug Marni's shoes, and I love the oversized cuffs on these! The buckles are also quite keen and put me in mind of The Three Musketeers, for some reason. (Someone ought to do a Musketeer cosplay in these boots. Hmmmm...) Possum is a brand new kind of thing from ~silentsparrow~! It has a script to change its expression, and my favorite is the "dead" one, with little anime X_Xes over the eyes.

Off to put on some pants. ♥


***Socks: (Shiny Things) Knit Knee socks in chocolate
***Hair: **DP**yumyum barberyumyum 09 sesame
***Shoes: Royal Blue (RB) Heavy Metal in brown and gold
***Sweater: **DP**yumyum romantic sweater/navy from their lucky bag
***Skirt: Dark Eden Ruin Skirt in black
***Shoulder snuggly: ~silentsparrow~ possum (anise) with expression changing script :3
***Skin: Den-Dou ODEN 02 Skin N v1

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Alyx Sands said...

Aw, that birdie is cute! I bet that was YET ANOTHER group message I never got....*whacks SL*