Saturday, January 3, 2009

Absolute Options

Ice Queen outfit

I opened the outfit folder for the Absolute Zero - LE Ice Queen Collaboration and felt my heart sink. "Ohshit," I thought, "I can hardly do justice to describing this." See, it has four designers and thirty-two pieces, from skin to hair to shoes to jewelry to outfit, and each of the @#$@ing pieces (aside from the clothing) has a color-changing script for even more options. The idea for this collaboration was brilliant -- Rouge Darcy(Rebel X) wanted to make a complete avatar, and roped in some friends to help. She designed the dress bits, and it combines her usual sculpty madness with a flowing shape I haven't seen from her before. The triple-tiered skirt is frothy and light despite being sculpted, and the sleeves set it off wonderfully.

The two skins are from MissAllSunday of Wasabi Pills. This adorable skin shop has been in my skin rotation for a while (whenever I wear my slightly smiley shape), and these two skins really suit the outfit. The ice queen blue version comes with dramatic gem eyebrows. That musta hurt! The hair and shoes are from katat0nik, and she was kind enough to include an unusual color-changing version of her hair for those of us who've wanted unnatural colors of her hair for a while... It changes from blue-tones to purple-tones, with white and silver too, and both hairs have really cute flowers (snowflakes?) clinging to the locks, as if we've been rolling in white fluffies. The shoes have color-changing bow thingies.

Last but not least, the jewelry (in the form of bracelets, necklaces, dolly keys, and tiaras) are from Violet Voltaire. She's provided a few attachment points for each of the pieces, and the damned things change both pearls and crystals into blue and violet tones. Argh. The choices! (Violet wrote about it here.)

All in all, a lovely collaboration. It will be sold from January 3rd to January 17th, hence the LE-ness. The slurl to the four shops are as follows:
*katat0nik*; Violet Voltaire; Rebel -X-; Wasabi Pills

Ice Queen outfit

Ice Queen outfit

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