Saturday, December 6, 2008 a bare rose? Is it just the stamen and pistol bit?


This is my favorite Bare Rose outfit (in honor of Winter's Bare Rose dressup meme, finally) -- it's the Kokopelli. Ellantha Larsson gave it to me one day after saying -- "OMG you'll love this dress!" She's right, I do -- it comes with an awesome cowboy hat (not shown) and three kinds of skirts.

I'm in one of Canimal's new cute hats, atop the Fluffeh hair from House of Munster. The hair is a wonder -- it's adorable and has a color-changing script in shades of grey (there are other color palates available at the shop). I do love the little hats from Canimal -- they're perfect Gothic Loli wear, especially for big high pigtails like this one (and Drac's SuzyQ too).

My SLink Anya skin is lovely -- Elusyve Jewell posted about one of them, a tangerine shade that looks bloody stunning on her, and I had to hop over and see all the rest. The lips are lush but tidy, as if a very proper lady had a hidden naughty side...

I'm back from my conference! Now to finish out the semester...


***Hat: Canimal boneyard voodoo hat
***Lipring: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Earring and necklace set: Bliensen + MaiTai LazyAngels set
***Shoes: *katat0nik* ghostfire boots in gray
***Tights: petit ange *an* knit_tights_mossgreen
***Outfit: Bare Rose kokopelli
***Hair: Lolli Munster Fluffeh (color changing) in greys
***Skin: SLink Anya Skin Pale Smokey Eyes

Friday, December 5, 2008

One of the rare North Pole dwelling birds


I refuse to think that I'm going green because of the season, but somehow, I suspect I am, especially when people like Allegory make Christmas all cool by adding a Nightmare Before Christmas twist (those are last year's horns, this year's are almost up in her shop), or people like Antonia make it playful by naming an outfit "Naughty or Nice"...

Clearly in this outfit I'm naughty. I'm an elf escaped from the confines of Santa's sweatshop to roam the tundra looking for stray Black-legged Kittiwake. What? I dunno. I'm flying home from Orlando tomorrow, and I feel both sad and happy that my work/vacation time is over. Back to the real life of the semester now, and dusting off my d***********. (The D-word. I don't say it out loud.)



***Eyes: Treasured Visions Flecks: Large/Green by Malkavyn
***Glasses: Megane-ya pop glasses - lime -- freebie
***Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai Sweet Cherries set, armband, necklace, bracelet
***Shoes: Schadenfreude Lucent Bow Heels with color changing hud
***Antlers: Last year's stocking gift from Schadenfreude, black antlers with green lights
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Jordan in Lime-tipped midnight
***Skin: MiaSnow Green Goddess Skin 1
***Outfit: /artilleri/ group Christmas gift of the day, the naughty or nice outfit in green

Orange flame and antlers


I'd seen a lot of Uncle Wiggily around the Fashion Planet feed in the past few days and had to wander over to check it out. Indeed, the sim is adorable, and Esme's creations equally so. I'm an avid SL gardener, and loved the little garden thingies (I purchased the rose lights and doodled flowers), and due to Savoir Hair's post, I purchased one of the Uncle Wiggily hairs. Mm, cute pigtails! The color was a match with this outfit from (no, not Bare Rose) Discord. Once again I was distracted from Bare Rose! Oops...

I also saw a picture of Tesla's new heeled oxfords and can't wait! They look completely adorable, and nicely made as always. I put on a pair of Tesla's shoes in anticipation, hee.

Today I have no conference. Instead, I am bumming around with my old but exuberant Thai aunt. She was a school cafeteria cook when she worked, and boy did her school get spoiled -- she did some amazing things with the ingredients she was given and made the cafeteria food one of the highlights of the elementary school. She's also been known to show my husband (also a former cook) a thing or two. It'll be a fun RL kinda day.


=_= What is it about my posts that make them get eaten by other people's headings? See the actual post at

***Antlers: Uncle Wiggily 20 / patchwork antlers
***Hair: Uncle Wiggily Wigg 01 / Dorothy hair / red
***Outfit: Discord EN-KAKU Orange Set (hee, there's a skirt version with dirks!)
***Skin: Wasabi Pills Miss Wednesday - Light - Fresh/Dark Lips
***Shoes: TESLA Ziggy heels *eden*
***Tattoo: Alices Garden tattoo macy

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Now I want to play flying mouse quidditch

Mouse 1, coming in for a landing!

Tonight I thought about joining Winter's Bare Rose challenge and got distracted by trees (these trees). Wait, I think the story started last night when I went to visit Violet in her redesigned shop. It's got a neat upside-down room, and this room had brilliantly-colored feather-leaved Christmas trees. "Those are the ones Allegory's been making," I said, pondering that I've been under a rock for several days with my conference stuff. Tonight, hopping blearily into SL after two presentations, I realized that I should go wake myself up with something bright.

I experienced one of those surreal moments when I mounted a ChristMouse and watched it fly over an old motel. Yeah ... if SL is a cartoon brought to life, I felt as though I'd just entered the Nutcracker by Tim Burton section.

Then, I saw bright trees. Very bright! Orange ones, purple, blue...all made out of pretty feathers. They reminded me immediately of the kinds of trees I've seen in Thailand at Christmas time -- "Christmas colors" are very loosely defined over there (or really, not defined at all). I've always wanted a chartreuse feather tree!

Kellie Iwish, about to mount the mouse.

I like the big 'SHIT' in the background. So Christmassy, heh.

***XMAS TREEZ: Schadenfreude tree farm
***Glasses: Schadenfreude Hardwired Spectacles
***Earrings: Schadenfreude Heortecaeg earrings
***Ankh: Schadenfreude Large Ankh on Leather thong
***Bracelet: Schadenfreude Starlust Opening Bangles
***Gloves: Schadenfreude from the ghost revenant set
***Shirt, pants, straps: Schadenfreude Rust Lurking set
***Coat: Schadenfreude Cropped Black Fur group gift coat
***Hair: BettiePage BP* micky dango hair
***Skin: Den-dou gothly skin - pale - dark
***Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui Laudanum in black

We're off to see the snowmen


Hello! I'm between conference presentations. The morning one went just fine, and now I'm gearing up for the 1:15 presentation (all about the different kinds of creative endeavors that fans engage in -- yes, I'm the "maverick" of the College of Ed"). I thought I'd bring a few things to your attention:

-- Go look at Berry's photos of the Magic of Oz sim. They inspired me to hop to newly snowified Oz for the above photo!
-- katat0nik released her cool hoodie, and I am wearing it with one of hya's Grimly skirts. There's also a new dollarbie skirt in kat's shop!
-- If you go to the large size of the above photo, I am also in Rockberry's Peace on Earth gift skin -- it's very pretty indeed!
-- I need to pee. What is it about conferences and the uncontrollable urge to pee? My bladder must be inspired by the insane bathroom lines.

No slurls today, running to the potty!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slowly Christmassifying


hyasynth recently released a suit with her signature style, in the kind of brocaded fabric that makes me think of old-fashioned Christmases at decaying English mansions. This one has quirky pushed-up sleeves and a very fluffy mess of a jabot, perfect for keeping one's throat protected against the ague. (Or chillblains or something.)

I'm wearing it with /artilleri's/ next Christmas gift, these sunglasses in red and well as MiaSnow's Christmas gift candy cane antlers. "Why is she wearing those?" asked my daughter. "Do they help her hear?"

It's time to send my avatar off with the hounds for a snowy quail-shoot! (Okay, actually she's gonna go hunt more gifts...) Speaking of, I tugged katat0nik over to MiaSnow's shop today. She's looking lovely in something she's working on, a new hoodie (not yet released) and Violet Voltaire's new rainbow set.


***Suit: ~silentsparrow~ nemu suit in lime (has prims for men and women)
***Sunglasses: /artilleri/ Onyxia sunglasses in red and green, store gift til noon SLT today
***Horns: MIASNOW Candy Cane Horns (store gift)
***Pierce: No Mercy Lip Piercing
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Button boots in wine
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Nymphai II - Dark Lime
***Skin: Fleur Allure China Sinuous 1

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You saw me standing alone

Free gift skin from MIASNOW

This time of year is nutso in Second Life and Real Life both. Everyone's restless and on the move, and airports are beginning to blossom with Christmas trees like big, bright reminders to STAY NICE because SANTA IS WATCHING.

I took my toddler from Atlanta to Orlando. It was kind of fun to travel with her -- I am a stern bitch of a mom, and I don't let her get away with anything. I also tend to give her actual attention at airports, unlike this one mother who...let's just say that she found her cellphone more fun than her screaming toddler, and I wanted to send my Dansko up her Pradafied ass.

In Second Life, I'm trying to resist the hunts. My inventory is giving me big-eyed looks of the "no moooore" variety, but how could I resist MIASNOW's lovely blue gift skin? It went so well with ~momo's~ new release jacket and a skirt in the same sea shade from Honey Kitty that I gave in to Christmas spirit...

Anyway, conference time ho - ! I present two thingies on Thursday.

Flopping on Rosemary Galbraith's couch

***Skin: MIASNOW Skin - December gift - Jasmine Frost 1
***Skirt: Honey Kitty (blue-green) polka dot flower skirt & bag comes with it 8D (two versions of the skirt, and three different holding positions for the bag)
***Coat: ~momo~ cozy coat in sea
***Socks: ~momo~ DoveSocksiesSky
***Eyes: Treasured Visions Large/Caribbean Sea by Malkavyn
***Shoes: Akeyo Chucks Skulley
***Prim socks: (Shiny Things) Prim socks in sand
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Star II in sea

Monday, December 1, 2008

People at work (part seven)

Noam Sprocket, Sumomo Kawashima

Achariya cautiously glances around.

I believe that with this post (post seven of People at Work), I am momentarily done with this series. It'll become a weekly thing, but I've photoed almost everyone I'd chatted with about it (with the exception of Severina Dollinger and Marni Grut and Natsuo Parvane! We just never intersect with our timezones, sigh), and I'm going to take a rest until Saturday when I return from this next conference.

I really enjoyed the whole series, and I'm still completely boggled by the range of styles, sizes, tastes and variations that avatars have in Second Life. What does it say about us? Perhaps that humans are so incredibly complex that something like the precise shade of a cheek, cut of an avatar's hair, or length of a prim lash is metonymy for a whole personality? I end with these words from William Carlos Williams:

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

Siddean Munroe, Katy Angel

DoC Eldrich, Eshi Otawara

CodeBastard Redgrave, Gabby Panacek

Azazeal Whitfield

People at work (part six)

Ashia Tomsen, katat0nik Pidgeon

Hello! Welcome to the sixth post of People at Work. I've finally archived these under their own tag in my journal, over here, and it's going to become more of a once-a-week thing. Fun, eh? It's been great fun snapping photos, too.

Dot Lane suggested that I link to people's blogs, and it's a fine idea. I've done that with this post -- every name points to whichever blog is in the user's web tab in their profile.

I hope you've enjoyed this series so far! Please ping me if you're interested in having your photo taken. (With the exception of Dec. 2 - 6 -- I'll be in Orlando at another conference, and I'm not sure about internet access.)

Akasha Divisadero, Betty Doyle, Bambi63 Rehula

Tilly Tokyo

Shelly Toonie, Dot Lane

Siri Woodget, Lola79 Heinrichs

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thigh high in snow

With guest-beauty Mourna Biziou

Earlier today, Anessa Stine posted a lovely notice about new thigh-high boots at J's. I fangirled all over her post, and then hopped immediately over to J's. While there, I let Mourna know about the boots -- we share a taste in things black and pointy, and I knew she'd glee as much as I did.

There's a version of these boots with side lacings, and a version without, and we both bought each. While I was in the shop I noticed that J's also has a group Christmas gift out -- Unisex Long Engineer Boots. These are such a nicely designed pair of boots that it's well worth giving up the group slot.

Mourna and I were soon trying on outfits that might complement such boots, and one thing led to another...we were shortly hiking across the snow behind ~momo~ to photograph. Mourna expressed anxiousness that perhaps the prims of the thigh part wouldn't fit her muscular thigh, but then we noticed that it wasn't a prim, and fit us both perfectly. Pretty cool, J!



On Miss Mourna Biziou:
***skin ~ Sylvan China White - Sylvan China White - nemesis morticia ~ Nomine
***eyes ~ standard eyes - Eclipse ~ Miriel
***hair ~ Uw.St Burly Hair Type B ~ UncleWeb Studios
***ears ~ punky Ear: Fairy/Natural ~ Illusions
***corset ~ Lavendar Bat Corset ~ Schadenfreude
***shrug ~ Le Shrug (coal) ~ Sprawl
***belt/open skirt ~ Belt Skirt from Orange Meili's Discord Design Kaku-shi set ~ << Discord Designs >>
***boots ~ J's Side Lace up Thigh High Boots
***necklace ~ Large Ankh on Leather Thong ~ Schadenfreude
***cuffs ~ Achariya Cuffs ~ *katat0nik*

On me:
***Boots: J's Thigh High Boots (no side lacing)
***Corset, panties, garters, stockings and skirt: ~momo~ kur0scur0 dress
***Shrug: ~momo~ manguitas in sea
***Tattoo: Alices Garden *Alices* tattoo - Macy
***Hair: BettiePage BP* micky dango hair
***Horns: Illusions Cernwn horns
***Eyes: MIASNOW eyes - wild pack - blue vivid
***Skin: Curious Kitties Sajiahar in blueberry
***Choker: Handmaidens rosary ring choker

Horned swan


I'm sorry, it's just me today! I'm waiting for a few more people that are out of town on Thanksgiving break (or who have computer issues like poor katat0nik), and will post part six of People at Work tomorrow, hopefully. Today, I thought I'd share some of the releases that happened over the past few days. First, Draconic put her Black Swan dress into her shop. It's a lush dress, combining 1850s-style sleeves with a pre-French Revolution skirt for more fabric than you could shake a Caledonian Ball at.

I'm wearing this lovely frock with a few other things -- the bone choker from Studio Sidhe, a new release of a few days ago, and these iridescent, translucent horns from Demented Dollies. I tried my best to show the necklace (below), although the photo probably isn't close enough. Click for a larger image! Studio Sidhe makes very unique items, and the bone really suited the macabre nature of the outfit. The horns got me panning in and staring. Such detail on the outside and inside, with little saucy dangling bits to set off the tips.

Back to People at Work tomorrow! Or perhaps I should make it a once-a-week series...whacha think?

This is the Osiris Bleeds color of the horns


***Dress: Draconic Kiss Fallen Swan from the Dark
***Horns: Demented Dollies Osiris and Osiris Bleeds horns, by Xs Andree
***Earrings: Schadenfreude Irmina earrings
***Tattoo: Tramp Stamp Tattoos - Trinity
***Hair: BettiePage BP* mitsuami hair / pompa braid
***Skin: DEN-DOU gothly skin - pale - dark
***Choker: Studio Sidhe Bone & Silver Engraved Choker