Saturday, November 29, 2008

People at work (part five)

Selos Dae, Elric Anatine

I promised no more of these, didn't I? I totally lied, but I hope that's okay with y'all -- it's become a Pokemon-like obsession with me to photo people! Check my blog for the previous four installments of this series, "People at Work." I've been pouncing on people, dragging them to my photo globe, and taking a few candid shots sans-poses -- the result, a welter of styles that shows the variation of virtual life on the grid.

Speaking of variation, there are three men in these photos. Two above -- can you find the third? *grin*

Plurabelle Laszlo, Allegory Malaprop

Ana Lutetia, Roslin Petion

Tomoyuki Batra, Terry Lightfoot

Milla Michinaga, Saiyge Lotus

Faery Sola, Beatrix Heinrichs

Friday, November 28, 2008

People at work (part three)

Cajsa Lilliehook, Elusyve Jewell

Funny thing about "work" in Second Life. In some instances it demands a sleek, playful, professional outfit with a low arc like Cajsa, above, and sometimes it demands stark nekkidity, like Elusyve (also above). Both looks are equally viable in Second Life, especially if you can pull it off with elegance!

It's me again, posting two entries at once today, my third and fourth parts to "People at Work." You can find the first two here and here. These two posts are full of hard-working people who DJ, blog, teach and create, and I caught them all in the midst of their days.

I apologize to those (like Berry) who take lovelier photographs of themselves than I will ever take, and to those who remained difficult to hunt down despite my stalkery IMs. It's been hard but fun work, but totally worthwhile -- aren't they all looovely?

JJ Drinkwater, Amerie Spitteler

Aemilia Case, Hethr Engle

Ellantha Larsson, Miranda Dubrovna, Dr. Anya Ixchel

Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks, Calico Ingmann

Brandy Rasmuson, Aisuru Reiko

People at work (part four)

Strawberry Singh, Winter Jefferson

Last post in this series, I promise (first three parts here, here and here). I've missed a lot of hard-working people, but luckily you'll be able to see them on the feeds.

Crystyle and Apatia both came looking so unique I had to stick them in frames alone -- it shows a huge sense of humor to stick moose horns on your head, or walk around mouldering. Of course, the first photo had to be of two glamazons *giggle, duck*. Thanks, everyone, for playing! This series has made me really enjoy SL. It's been a nice virtual Thanksgiving.

hyasynth Tiramisu, Rebel Hope

Mourna Biziou, Dove Swanson

Apatia Hammerer

Crystyle Bukowski

Teagan Blackthorne, Laynie Link

Thursday, November 27, 2008

People at work (part two)

MiaSnow Myriam and Rosemary Galbraith

O hai. Let me flood the Fashion Planet feed with photos. Ready for round two? Yep, I spent all day stalking people -- hopping on them, dragging them to my photoglobe, and snapping. I selected these people as a random sampling from my friend list -- if you aren't here, it's cause I was too shy to bug you, or you weren't online when I was photographing!

The theme for this post is (just like the first part) People at Work. I didn't give anyone much time to style up, I was just interested in seeing what they wear for a day around the grid. Some amusing moments happened...Like with Fade Dana, who appeared in bunny ears. I didn't ask, but I can only assume the worst: she's been trying to seduce Peter Rabbit! Adaire DeCuir took an extra minute to put on a frock, and Belochka hastily covered her torso. "Er. My nipples were showing," Belochka admitted. Poe never seemed to stop flying, and Pixie Tungl came in non-Pixie shape, but they were all excellent sports about the whole endeavor.

A number of people weren't online today, so I might try for a round three... (Unless y'all are sick of this!) I've been loving the different styles I've seen today, from posh lady to pinup bunny to urban sculptie (ok, I dunno what to call Rouge's style, but it's cute). This post will undoubtedly truncate -- click to see more. :D

Draconic Lioncourt and Neferia Abel

Phire Zuhra and Poe Tatum

Rouge Darcy and Pixie Tungl

Adaire DeCuir and Jessica Ornitz

Fade Dana and Triangle Cauldron

Lolli Munster and Belochka Shostakovich

People at work

Sakuradawn Lei and Gogolita

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For your viewing entertainment, I collected a bunch of people and photographed them today. (If you weren't online this morning when I was doing this I obviously didn't photo you :( -- I'll probably have another set of these photos for the night crew. :D )

I told this motley crew to come in whatever they had on, so most of them were like "OMG I look like shit I was building!" Of course they're all totally cute. In honor of my own morbid fascination for seeing how people dress when plucked from the middle of their day (I hope you share it too), I present...folks in their everyday getup. :D

Happy US Thanksgiving!

Antonia Marat, Fallingwater Cellardoor, Kellie Iwish

Ghanima Uriza, Creamy Cooljoke, Samara Barzane

Violet Voltaire, Lawless McBride

Pill Randt, Melatonin Hax, me sneaking in here too



Once upon a time, a skin shop named Wasabi Pills handed me a review pack of skins. Then, I put it into my "November" folder, and lo, it fell into the abyss until today when I was looking for a pretty skin to go with katat0nik's new Star Knit jumper. I hopped to the shop to see what Wasabi Pills was like, and tugged Ellantha Larsson with me.

"These are hand-drawn and look super-cute with the store's shape," Ellantha said. "The skin needs a slightly smiling shape -- our default shapes are a bit serious for these skins." I trust her judgment about skins and shapes implicitly (the woman should really get off her bum and put her shapes up in her shop), and put on the store shape.

The skins really are lushly drawn, and in this shape I've got such a saucy expression. I'm wearing it with the adorable new Star Knit Jumper from *katat0nik*, and hair from Lolli Munster. I tugged Allegory over to see her hair last night because of a certain very cute mohawk, and encountered Lolli in the shop. "Er. None for you," she laughed, "The vendors are down while I retexture the tips."

*sigh* Fiiiine. The hair I'm wearing is still super-adorable, so when she's back online I recommend a trip over to her new li'l store. The hair comes with a color-changing script, too, for people like me that are eternally restless about their avatar's look.

I'm about to turn on the Thanksgiving Day Parade and entertain the toddler all day while the husband cooks for us. It's cold, and I have hot coffee. A good day really!

Miss Friday - FAIR - SMOKEY DARK CHERRY (hey, eyes forward, av!)

jumperthingie05 jumperthingie04
Miss Wednesday - LIGHT - FRESH/DARK Lips, Miss Friday - FAIR - CANDY

jumperthingie03 jumperthingie02
Miss Friday - BRONZE - GOLDEN MADNESS, Miss Wednesday - LIGHT - TOXIC/BLUE Lips

***Hair: House of Munster Vira in black and white
***Outfit: *katat0nik* (red/purple) Star Knit Jumper
***Shoes: Unique Needs Death Dolly goth Mary Jane Pumps
***Legwarmer thingies: amerie's Naughty LoC_Socks in red
***Skins: Wasabi Pills
Wasabi Pills / Miss Wednesday - LIGHT - FRESH/DARK Lips
Wasabi Pills / Miss Wednesday - LIGHT - TOXIC/BLUE Lips
Wasabi Pills / Miss Friday - FAIR - CANDY
Wasabi Pills / Miss Friday - FAIR - SMOKEY DARK CHERRY
Wasabi Pills / Miss Friday - BRONZE - GOLDEN MADNESS
***Shape: Wasabi Pills Miss Wednesday Light shape

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hunger and thirst after righteousness


Yesterday, I was on a mission to look like a pilgrim. I don't know why. Well, okay, I know why but I'm vaguely ashamed to admit it -- I rewatched the South Park Starvin' Marvin episode, and was caught by the extreme irony of the following line: "You see Starvin' Marvin; this is what we call an appetizer. This is what you eat before you eat, so that you'll be more hungry," spoken to someone from a famine-ridden land. I guess I'm dressing like a pilgrim to remind myself that on this deeply ironic holiday, I should remember the tough pilgrim bizitches who also fought poverty to get us here. (What the heck did I just write?)

I have to say that the quest for the perfect pilgrim hat introduced me to a lot of lovely people. Thanks to the people of the ~silentsparrow~ group for pointing me at various hats. Allegory finally mentioned the Illusions group gift from a year ago, and I put it on -- ah, perfect, the pilgrim's wife is borrowing her hubby's chapeau! I hear a rumor that Siyu might just give a lovely hat like this to her update group today.

My outfit is a combination of Schadenfreude, Edelweiss, Kurotsubaki, ~silentsparrow~ and Little Heaven -- see below for what bit goes where. It tried my best to look like the pilgrim vixen here, which is why so much mixing. Anyway -- here's hoping that us USers can all pig out for those who can't! Or turkey out! ♥

Wahaha. I just figured out that the Edelweiss outfit comes with a few animations and gestures, including one that makes the poor maid explode -- to match her thigh-strapped cherrybombs. Neat.



***Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Estampie in dark velvet
***White shirt: Schadenfreude from the Azure Wolsey Pinafore outfit (the white shirt bit)
***Cape: Kurotsubaki witch cape - hm, hope this wasn't seasonal.
***Undercape with jeweled cross: Little Heaven from the Sister outfit in white
***Dark undershirt: ~silentsparrow~ (violets) sylvan undershirt from the set
***Hat: *~* Illusions Pilgrim Hat group gift from last year
***Skirt, apron, cuffs, socks, gloves: *Edelweiss* Roberta
***Hair: BettiePage BP* Braid Headband

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Velvet skirts for Winter

skirts04 skirts03
Click for larger images!

MMf. it's morning time I think, and we're staring Thanksgiving in the face. I got my first SL Thanksgiving freebie yesterday, a group gift from Pink Fuel of a little shoulder-sitting turkey. Speaking of turkeys, have you seen this turkey pardon, Palin style news item? Palin stands around sipping coffee while turkeys are slain behind her, one after the other (not for the vegetarian or faint of heart).

I'm nattering on sleepily while my husband dresses my child for school. My child is in a welter of colors -- she tends to dress herself. In contrast, my avatar-chan is wearing four different kinds of skirts, all from ~silentsparrow~. hyasynth created this set of skirts (called Grimly) because she had a need for something flexible, lush yet severe, and she really has filled a niche. I put them on with something bright and saucy from Schadenfreude -- the corset from the caged set in lime (it was an Oz hunt item, but other colors are available for sale).

On my head is another of those wonders from Fade Dana. This one is the Stitched Medusa hat. It comes with a mask that I haven't shown, three kinds of goggle options (big, small, unscripted), and cap versions with and without straps. If you zoom way in (or click to the larger version of the photos), you can see the quality workmanship in the leather, the stitching, the metal bits. Once again this actually pwns hair...

Okay. I'm back to sleepily facing that eternal question: ham or turkey?



***Skirts and leggings: ~silentsparrow~ Grimly Skirts in Soot. Four skirts in the pack! A-line, ballgown, lolita, and punky. Also comes with leggings, shorts, and _eyes_. Hee. Armwarmers are from Devana.
***Hat: Fade Dana's Stitched Medusa hat with goggles and straps and stuff
***Pierce: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Boots: Lazy Places Synth boots in black
***Shirt: Schadenfreude Lime Caged Corset (this one was a hunt item, but there are other colors available)
***Stockings: *katat0nik* mortido stockings
***Tattoo: Alexitimia Tattoo Spinal Anaesthesia

Monday, November 24, 2008

Inu gryphon


Lazy Places released a set of inspired boots! They're called the "Myth Boots", and come in four flavors of mythic monster -- Harpy, Centaur, Satyr and Gryphon. Today I'm in the orange Gryphon, and you can view the other boots here!

The rest of me is inu. MiaSnow released an all-white version of her puppy skins (the last one was dalmation). This one comes with cute little fuzzy white ears and a tail, and the makeups are neat -- dark red, rosy, and blue. Blue-lipstick doggy very unique -- stop by her shop to see the photo. No, my eyes aren't closed in the above shot, they're simply glittery and all-black. The eyes are also new from MiaSnow, and I love how insect-creepy they are against the pale fur of my face. She's got them in a range of colors (including orange, but it didn't quite match the doggy face).

Guys, I'm getting out-of-shape with my nose down in SL all the time. What's your favorite way to move around after a whole day of MMORPGing? Do tell. (And don't be naughty, my daughter reads this blog :D.)



***Boots: Lazy Places Myth Boots Gryphon Orange
***Scarf over the head: Curious Kitties Drape Hat & Scarf Set in Orange
***Outfit: *katat0nik* (orange) Mortido dress
***Hair: -Hiccup Nerd Swept in Brown
***Eyes: MIASNOW Eyes - Wild Pack - Black Shiny
***Skin and ears: MIASNOW White Doggy Girl 1 + ears

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Draconic Kiss photo contest!


Did you know that Draconic Kiss is having a group photo contest? I'm quite excited about this, which is why I'm messing about in a Draconic frock today -- the Jessamine, which is warm and elegant and floofy of skirt, perfect for a spin around the new Balderdash skating rink. It's also perfect for playing with windlight settings. I do love the weird ones, like "funky puke gelato" or whatever it's called -- I thought that this effect was neat, but totally worthless for showing off my outfit and skin.

Speaking of skin, this one is also notable -- it's a new gothic makeup from Adam N Eve. It's my first skin from this shop, and it makes me feel like a stunt double from The Crow. In a good way, yes. The dual-tear mascara is unusual and kind of inspires me to see how far I can stick my tongue out a la Kiss, also in a good way. Atop this skin is a prim little hairdo from Calico, the Sylvia. I like how it flows down my back but is pulled away from my forehead, a good hairdo for showing off this pretty makeup.

Back to skating, which remains the most fun thing I've done so far in SL...


***Eyes: Treasured Visions Spirit Meditate by Malkavyn
***Boots: J's Long Black Backribbon Boots
***Frock: Draconic Kiss Jessamine in blue
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Sylvia in Dark Snow
***Skin: Adam N Eve Celeste goth Make up Misery
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Gutter Glitter