Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fluffy hat and all


*sigh* Nerves. I'm presenting at this conference in an hour! Immediately after that I try to make my flight. Silly airplanes - ! United is routing me through CHICAGO on my way to Atlanta. Yep -- San Antonio, CHICAGO, Atlanta. Grr. I'll be home by 2 AM...if I'm lucky.

To calm my pre-presentation nerves I decided to dress up in MichaMi's adorable little business frock. I saw the advert and was immediately drawn to a few cute details -- the ruched armwarmers, the natural-waist belt, the corset beneath the jacket. The jacket and corset come on many layers, and the prim skirt makes me look curvy but not overly exagerated. Go prim skirt go!

I'm wearing it with Cordovan boots from Five Minutes After -- same vaguely purple-hued grey-black, if you can believe it. Rare color to match, eh? I'm also wearing it with a Redgrave skin, which makes me feel like a real teacher. The fluffy-hatted hair is from Shop Seu, and I had to pause to remember whether or not it's still being sold in-world. I have a guilty suspicion it was a hunt gift of some sort, and if so, I apologize -- I'll have my brain back on again if I ever get home.

See you in Chicago for a few hours! Hopefully life's back to normal tomorrow...Now off I go to present on Second Life machinima and teaching Shakespeare!


***Outfit: MichaMi Caramela
***Earrings: Violet Voltaire Gutter Glitter earrings
***Collar: Schadenfreude Heortecaeg collar
***Boots: Five Minutes After Cordovan Boots
***Tattoo: Alices Garden *Alices* tattoo - Macy
***Hair: *SHOP SEU* Gal short hair
***Skin: Redgrave 02 lyla pale skin / goldbrown

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mm, conference hotel room


I'm sitting in my hotel room in San Antonio, which is why this isn't a REAL blog post. It's cold outside! Google weather lies -- it said the temperature would be in the 70s, and it's totally in the 40s. I'm about to walk down to the Riverwalk and hunt down some lunch, then attend some panels... It's been nice to simply sit in my hotel room and work -- peaceful, quiet, no responsibilities to my daughter. It's very seductive...WAIT gotta get off my ass...

Today, my avatar is wearing slightly rebellious conference gear. I think I might do the same -- black t-shirt with my plain grey pants. Oh: beware of the Riverwalk. I got dinner at a restaurant down there last night, and a mariachi band pounced! I die of embarrassment when people do loud things at me in restaurants (like sing happy birthday), and the mariachi band was not only loud, they were also touristy! Ahhh...when mariachi bands attack...

I'll be spamming flickr, no doubt. Bah, off I go.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

John Denver moment


Bye bye guys! Good thing I got the new ~silentsparrow~ lucky chair outfit, eh? I needed conference wear! See y'all Saturday (or sooner if I can find internets in San Antonio. Surely they have them).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coffee, tea or bed?


I've never felt so much like a party crasher at the kool kid's cocktail fĂȘte as I did on plurk today. Plurk feels like a strange Instant Messenger cocktail party where popular people have a small flock of chatters around them, and the quiet people hide in the corner. I'm a corner-hider myself, so while it's fascinating, I think I'm way too shy for that venue of expression. I'm not sure why it's different with blogging. Perhaps it's because people read this by choice, whereas if I blather something stupid in plurk, they're forced to have it on their timelines!

I'm flying to San Antonio tomorrow for a conference, and for some strange reason a few pals and I are chatting about the height and weight restrictions placed upon flight attendants. Did you know that there's a rule that requires proportionality? ...It strikes me that SL characters are shoe-ins for flight attendant positions.

And neither of those topics have anything to do with this cute, beautifully-textured dress from Elate! It's called the Nivaya dress. I tried to drag the woman in question over to photo in the dress, but SL absolutely wasn't playing along today. Sorry, Niv! Instead, I put this dress on and instantly felt snuggly. The prims are very nicely done, sleeve and skirt, and the texture makes me wanna touch it. ...Come to think of it, bed is snuggly too. Hm, I think I might bid you good night...


***Dress: (Elate!) Nivaya dress in chocolate
***Eyes: Treasured Visions ~TV~ Flecks: Large/Pink by Malkavyn
***Watch: *KUROTSUBAKI* rabbit bangle watch
***Lip ring: *No Mercy* Heartsie
***Boots: J's Goth Ribbon Laceupboots in brown
***Socks: (Shiny Things) Soft plaid socks in tan
***Ears: Atomic Kitty [ATOMIC] Pierced Rodent Ears in White
***Hair: BettiePage BP* yuka chignon/brown
***Skin: Minajunk skin exotic pink

Kitty bits


Ahhh...the Atomic Kitty sale (read more about it here). I picked up cute fluffy neko parts. Then, some inu parts...kitsune...panda...rodent...OY. Evil, evil shop. I'm a rosy kitty today in Schadenfreude's lucky fortune-teller corset. This pretty item is well worth finding your soulmate for, I promise. (Which reminds me, I'm totally married to Rouge Darcy because of katat0nik's lucky fortune teller. *g*)

I'm gonna fly to San Antonio tomorrow to present about machinima at a teacher conference. Everyone wish me luck! I'll be back Saturday.


***Collar: Studio Sidhe Celtic Knotwork Neko Collar
***Boots: Lazy Places Synth boots in Crimson
***Socks: Schadenfreude Red Knit Stripey Socks
***Corset: Schadenfreude Red Elephant Corset lucky fortune teller set
***Skirt: from the Draconic Kiss Jord dress set in red
***Skin: Draconic Kiss Red Riding Hood in Porcelain
***Ears and tail: Atomic Kitty Feline LH Basic Set in Brown
***Tattoo: Atomic Kitty Starz_undershirt
***Hair: Kin-hair fair freebie-goggles hair in brown
***Gloves: katat0nik (red) Sakura Storm Gloves

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crimson blood


Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood has come out with a new clothing line. She's previously done Deep High Goff and Neko, and now she's working on Harajuku. All of Ghanima's outfits come with a bevy, a plethora of pieces -- this one is no exception, with scarf, hat, legwarmers, shoes, tutu, bloomers, armwarmers... taken all at once it's a complete look. It'll be very interesting to see where this line goes...

Edit: DENSHU DENCH! I see that your silver goth neko skin is no more. v___v This makes me very sad! (Please to consider re-releasing this lovely skin?)


***Pierce: *No Mercy* Skeleton Head Piercing
***Hair: BettiePage BP* Big Bomb hair 1
***Skin: DEN-DOU Gothneko #1 silver skin
***Outfit: Harajuku Crimson by Blue Blood. Comes with 17 pieces, including shoes, legwarmers, armwarmers, a hat and a scarf.

Coat of plus-ten snuggliness


I love this coat. It's so well-constructed and cute that I...almost didn't want to write about it, hehe. In the interest of sharing, it's **DP**yumyum's new A Line Coat in yellow, and it can be found at the newly-snowy sim of iTuTu (credits below). Ellantha and I hung out there yesterday, and Ellantha said that she loves it when sims change with the season. I quite agree -- the second-hand chill that I get from playing in virtual cold is nice sometimes.

While wandering iTuTu, I stumbled into Den-Dou and was reminded that Den-Dou skins really suit my avatar. The eyes are always cutely blended for that slept-in-my-mascara look. I also like the playfulness of the Neko skins. What's my avatar been up to in these, I wonder? Bet she was trying to steal another Neko's cheese.

Fair warning, I can no longer find the store that made my hat - ! Does anyone know what happened to Lapin et Anato? I miss it, it was an adorable shop.


***Coat: **DP**yumyum A Line Coat/Yellow
***Pants: M&R Cupcakes Basic Trousers in gold
***Earrings: Violet Voltaire Dia De Los Muertos Earrings
***Hat: Lapin et Anato Horn Pig Hat -- wait, where'd it go? Anybody know?
***Gloves: net gloves from the Honey Kitty orange honey witchgirl outfit
***Boots: KUROTSUBAKI feather boots in orange
***Hair: Kin-Candi-Orange
***Skin: DEN-DOU ODEN-02 SKIN S v1, with the gothly eyes

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nothing gold can stay


Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
-- Robert Frost

I don't know, Mr. Frost, the gold of Autumn is pretty lovely too: sunflowers bursting with seeds, early dusk, the scattering of leaves on my car.


***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Party Pumps in hot pink
***Undershirt and armwarmers: from ~silentsparrow's~ twittery set in (melon)
***Hair: /artilleri/ dayna v2 in golden blonde
***Skin and eyes: *DEN-DOU* Gothly skin - pale - dark
***Scarf: *Muism* Crinkle scarf / gold
***Shirt: G Field *GF* Halterneck Tank Sunflower - yellow
***Pierce: FlipSide F10 Mouth piercings set
***Leggings: ~momo~ cupcakes leggings in cream
***Skirt: ~momo~ skulls mini skirt in pink

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Suzume rosy and violet

Sakuradawn in ~silentsparrow's~ Suzume frock

Whew. There's a lot to talk about. First, the ~silentsparrow~ new release in honor of 3,000 group members, the Suzume frock. It comes in four colors -- Ashia Tomsen is in the Dove color here, looking bloody gorgeous -- and we are in the original color (Sakuradawn) and Raven (moi).

Sakuradawn is wearing the other new releases that match the outfit, Calico Ingmann Creations' Suzume hair in sea, and Fleur's Allure China Suzume 3 skin. She looks like she's stepped from the cover of a novel of high fantasy, all serene and elegant. I'm once again the sneaky elf companion, but this time I'm a night elf. Schadenfreude released the Sennyo skin and ears to match the Suzume outfit, and they cast it in an entirely different light.

Both ensembles are transformative. The creativity and skill that crafted these outfits, clothing to hair to skins, makes me feel like a different creature entirely. Adventuring is in the air! It must be Autumn, the time for restlessness and migration, although we should all heed Bilbo's words:

When winter first begins to bite
and stones crack in the frosty night,
when pools are black and trees are bare,
'tis evil in the Wild to fare.




On Sakuradawn:
***Frock: ~silentsparrow~ Suzume (original color)
***Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears
***Boots: (Shiny Things) Old Boots in Black
***Eyes: Watchtower White eyes (dragon)
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Suzume in Sea (with texture-changing feathers)
***Skin: Fleur Allure China Suzume 3 (On sale at ~silentsparrow~ while the Fleur sim is down)

On Ach:
***Frock: ~silentsparrow~ Raven Suzume
***Necklace: Balderdash Faery Hoard Charmed I'm Sure.
***Skin and ears: Schadenfreude Thistle Sennyo Karasu, clear nail
***Boots: Schadenfreude Buckle Platform Boots
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Coronis in Frosted Midnight (tinted)