Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blue in orange


I had a strange moment of loneliness last night. I bought myself a kotatsu table to stave off the chill in the SL air, and when I placed it in the middle of my little sky pad, I realized that I'd be sitting at it all by myself. Buying a kotatsu with nobody to share it is kinda like buying a sex bed, I guess (which I don't own, by the way! hee). Kotatsu tables are meant to be shared... I have those moments in SL, sometimes, where the grid seems empty and my place in it seems small, especially because my friends are hard-working people! (Or maybe it's just PMS? Hm.)

You can see the kotatsu here. It's made by MnM Design (the people who make the awesome lounging cats), and the 600L version has an array of options for animated posing and changing the look of the tabletop.


I tugged myself out of the blues, though. I dragged Ellantha and Allegory over and made them sit, and soon we were all playing around with the animations. Anyway. Perhaps the point is, if you've ever felt lonely in SL, you aren', alone. Ellantha is the one who totally told me about the awesome cat hold! She even tugged me over when the lucky chair at Pink Fuel was on A. Thanks, Ella! Yay Halloween cat plushies!

This morning I felt like being sleek and elegant in my October attire, and hence I'm wearing leather from SLink (the pants make my arse look awesome!). Down in the credits, you'll see that three items from this outfit are free. The boots are also a buckled thing of wonder from TESLA, and totally sleekify me. ...Sure that's a word.



Free items:
***Kitteh: Pink Fuel [PF] Bandaged Kitty w/ Orange Eyes (comes with more for head, arm, etc. !) -- lucky chair freebie!
***Henna on hand: Zaara Eid Gift (freebie) Arabic Henna
***Hat: Kurotsubaki witch hat freebie in the Halloween display

Other outfit details:
***Pierce: No Mercy Lip Piercing
***Necklace: /artilleri/ wing heart necklace *orange beads*
***Tattoo: *Tramp Stamp Tattoos* The Tragix
***Hair: Kin-Avery-red
***Skin: Curio Pearl-Monarch
***Shoes: TESLA Hylda Boot in Black
***Jacket: SLink Leather Jacket Burnt Orange
***Pants: SLink Leather Pants

Friday, October 3, 2008



I think I like Halloween because it offers a paradigm shift. Tired of your life? For a night, become something else -- become someone that wears a mask, that revels, that steps outside of the boundaries of daily existence and into a place where all of the rules are different. Alcohol and drugs enact this kind of paradigm shift, and so does a time of year like Mardi Gras or Bacchanalia, where people's everyday existences become secondary to donning the Mask. I think we all need these rituals of renewal in order to exist as we are. Daily routines feel tired and old so often... the best way to buck the oldness is to put on a different self. In Second Life, this is as easy as dropping on a skin...

Perhaps that's why Second Life is so addictive. Shift your paradigm at the drop of a folder! Become something new with every alt... These thoughts and more are brought to you by a slew of pumpkins and an adorable Lolita frock.




***Crown: Violet Voltaire Pumpkin Queen Crown
***Necklace: Earthtones Chakra long beads necklace in pumpkin
***Earrings: Schadenfreude halloween freebie pumpkin earrings
***Boots and wand: from Honey Kitty's Honey Witch Girl set
***Hair: Draconic Kiss SuzyQ in pumpkin
***Skin: Curio/Gala Phoenix Radiance - Nightshade
***Frock: Passionate Neko Dreams Little Pumpkin Witchy
***Pumpkins (left to right):
Midnight Melody MnM Design freebie pumpkin from the new shop at Oz (sign is from the EtchD halloween freebie tattoo from last year)
!* Rebel -X- *! Pumpkin Chair [NO SHADOW]
Balderdash-The Raven- Jack-o-lantern
Passionate Neko Dreams Neko Pumpkin LG 1
The Lexx Glowing Raven Pumpkin
***Vines: from Relic's Halloween shop -- I'm not sure that there is one this year. If you know, ping me!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor
A morality tale in four parts
Featuring Allegory Malaprop as The Doctor





On the Sehr Doktor:
***Outfit, goggles and potion: Schadenfreude The Good Doctor
***Boots: Schadenfreude Plain Buckle Platform Boots
***Skin, hair, and earrings: Coming soon, fingers crossed!

On the hapless victim:
***Dress: Draconic Kiss Sofia in snow
***Gloves: Draconic Kiss Revers a Lacet in black
***Shoes: Draconic Kiss double-strap maryjane
***Necklace: Magika leather bow necklace
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Wraith - Dark Snow
***Skin: Draconic Kiss Plague Doctor
***Kani: Lost Furrest kani_splotchy_female white and black

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Laugh at me tym

Wahhahaha -- you guys can see two things in the current issue of Vain. (1) Awesome to see ~silentsparrow's~ Sweeney suit on the cover, and (2) Me, on page 43, the one with the incredibly lame layout. I did it all by myself with my photoshops! Can you tell that I learned layout in high school on a Macintosh Classic? 8D This is why I write and stay the heck away from art.

Anyway, I enjoyed everybody else's blogger spotlight <3

Tom Waits for cold weather

Grim Bros + Concord clothing

I blame Ashia for this outfit, which has elements of clothing from Grim Bros. It's lovely how the freebie hunting people boldly go into awesome shops, leading the way for the rest of us to follow. I poked around the store and liked the look of the Victorian frocks, which are more suited for a flower girl and working woman than a fine lady. It's nice to pretend you're a violet-seller sometimes, Eliza Doolittle before her voice-over into a lady. At least before her makeover, she wasn't shy!

The pants and shirt are some of the new items from Concord Clothing. I like nicely-made polo shirts and pants *cough* despite turning them into Gothic-carnie wear. These new earrings are from Bliensen+Maitai, and the necklace is a playful beaded one that has a script that changes color and alphabet letters. I've put my daughter's name there... I've always pondered that getting a little heart tattoo with her name on it would be cute, but I'd probably have people wondering why I've got a random female name on my arm, especially the other moms at her daycare. Protective coloring is sometimes important in a conservative Southern town. Speaking of protective coloring, I'm in another Fleur skin today, the gorgeous Biba -- remember the sale! The Vivant line is on sale for a little while longer.

Anyway. My professor walked into the cafe and is sitting behind me, so I'd better start doing something that looks a bit more useful! Have lovely weeks. This one is already half-done, isn't it?

Grim Bros + Concord clothing

Grim Bros + Concord clothing

***Shirt on jacket layer: Concord Clothing +*CC*+ Low-Scoop Shirt (red)
***Pants: Concord Clothing +*CC*+ Black Jeans
***Necklace: Studio Sidhe :+:SS:+: Alphabet Necklace [script that changes letters & colors]
***Lip ring: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Cream Biba 3
***Hair: Nylon Outfitters Gilda
***Bracelet: Bliensen + MaiTai Bracelets Agroglyphe - shell and steel
***Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Bracelets Agroglyphe gold
***Boots: Five minutes after CORDOVAN BOOTS
***Dress: Grim Bros. Poky Polly dress (various bits from, including the patchwork undershirt, hat, and prim skirt)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pumpkin Mania


If you don't have a name, what do people call you? I mean, do they just wave and smile, or jingle little silver bells or what? -- Delirium (from Neil Gaiman's Sandman)

I remember reading Sandman as a graduate student (the first time around, when I was working on my MA in Communication at Emerson). I'd give myself monthly treats. if I finished my work every month, I would allow myself to go buy one more gorgeously bound trade-sized edition of Sandman. By the end of a year and a half I'd read them all, and the sad thing is that I remember Sandman better than I remember my classes. Isn't that always the case? The things that catch our imagination stick around; the things that bore us swiftly flee our brain.

The character of Delirium is so very fey and dark, the perfect embodiment for a generation. She used to be Delight -- but the years wore on, and instead, she represents the drifting realities of drug-use and the hour of the rave just before dawn. ~silentsparrow~ recreated the bright daze of this character in the Mania outfit. It comes with two kinds stockings and fishnet leggings, a youthful shape, and a fish on a string (the fish comes in talking and non-talking versions). Do click the fish, Delirium's voice sent me rocketing back in happy nostalgia. Delirium (and Neil Gaiman) makes me think of things differently, which is perhaps the whole point of life... Calico's Mania hair was made to match this outfit, and I love the curls cascading over one shoulder.

More Halloween love. Not only has Rebel -X- given out a little group-gift pumpkin today (not the one on my back, that's an awesome Rebel -X- new release), but Violet Voltaire also has a number of elegant little dollarbie necklaces scattered around her various stores. "This started out as one experimental necklace and just grew far beyond what I thought it would be. So I decided to split up all the gemstone choices into dollarbie packs. Each pack contains a gold and silver necklace as well," said Violet. So nice, isn't she?! Six are at her main location in Haven Shire, and there is also one at the freestyle shop, and at the Lucky Kitty Crew headquarters. Join Violet's group for the SLURLs! I'm totally outfitting my lucky chair alts in these today! (See it in the last photo down thar.)

Also lovely for Halloween is the last gasp of the Fleur Vivant skin sale. I was able to pick up this skin for 50% off (a steal at 250L), and the cat eyes and soft lips are saucy and elegant in a way that I always expect from Fleur. The sale is going on for another two weeks, and is an amazing bargain.



***Necklace: Violet Voltaire Eternity Necklace in Silver/Amethyst - group gift!
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Cream Feline 3 (on sale for two more weeks!)
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Mania in Dark Copper
***Shoes: Akeyo chucks in skulley pattern with amazing color-change script
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ mania costume, in homage to Delirium
***Backpack: Rebel -X- Pumpkin Backpack

Monday, September 29, 2008

Group gift pumpkin dress from katat0nik


O hi again. Look, katat0nik gave us all a group gift, a Halloween pumpkin dress. *___*

As you can tell, I'm in pumpkin heaven. It goes well with the orange Katty plushie from katat0nik!

On the catwalk, the catwalk yeah

Is a deer
Poses are the new Red Carpet ones by Long Awkward Pose.

For some reason, outfits with small skirts make me whip out my non-human avatars. I think it has to do with cuteness factor. Small skirts are cute, and so are furry things, including this Lost Furrest Rayndeer. More cute things include these poses from Long Awkward Pose, which are based upon the "maximize my beauty" type poses that movie stars have to make on the red carpet. I always feel sorry for them. Imagine if you're having a bad outfit day, after paying several million for stylists and hairdressers and makeup artists to glorify you to the heavens. Then, someone snaps a photo of you with a goofy expression, and it's emblazoned across the gossip rags.

Know what would solve that? Virtual Oscars! Instead of real stars, they could hold it all entirely in SL, where they can control their expressions and appearance 100%. Why bother making RL humans look plasticine if you can do it in SL with much more power over your look?

I digressed! Now I'm back. The cute outfit (with the lovely knit-textured shrug) is by MiaSnow, and the digiboots are by Lazy Places. The outfit comes with socks and that awesome snuggly scarf, too. I love scarves, and am looking forward to acquiring more as the virtual weather gets colder.

Ah SL. In the middle of taking photos, I paused and found myself thinking this: Damnit. Are reindeer hooves cloven or not?

Is a deer

Is a deer

***Poses: Long Awkward Pose Red Carpet Diva
***Boots: Lazy Places Hya Boots Cloud Cloven
***Hair: Kin-Kaoru-white
***Avatar: Lost Furrest Rayndeer in white
***Outfit: MiaSnow *mia* RAINBOW RENEGADE in lite blue

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cute as a Poe Tatum

cute as a po tatum

This morning I was happy to chat with Poe Tatum, the cutie-pie who designs for [SRU]. She makes lovely quirky jewelry, post-apocalyptic accessories (like breath masks, always useful in the nuclear wasteland), shoes, poses, and soon, a frothy lolita frock!

I'm using poses, jewelry and shoes from [SRU] today, and a snuggly comfy sweater dress from The Closet. The hair is a messy cute pink do from Kurotsubaki, a new release. My outfit suits my mood -- i feel vastly lazy this weekend -- the child is visiting her grandpa, and I've been doing nothing but sitting on my arse slacking off on the computer in various ways. This outfit is in honor of my previous life as a webhacker and professional do-nothing 20-something. I'd stay out until dawn playing with friends, return to my boyfriend's abode and sleep until 3, then wake up and scrounge for food like some kind of stray neko...

This is in stark contrast to my teacher-mom existence nowadays, where I wake up at 7:30 every morning to wrangle my small primate, then make lists of things to do in my spare time like "write lit review for dissertation" and "prepare slides for class." The difference is profound and stark, and I have to say that I feel 100% more useful as a human being. However, weekends where I touch upon my old laziness are nice -- they remind me of the person I used to be, who could fill whole days with nothin'.

Here's to apré diem for brunch at 4 pm on Sundays, the smell of other people's cigarettes on my clothes, the internet boom of the 90s, and the world before 2001.

cute as a po tatum

cute as a po tatum

cute as a po tatum

***Lip rings: *No Mercy* Lip Piercing
***Legwarmers: from the Rebel -X- Liquid Flower set, from Black Swan
***Leggings: Canimal WildOne Leggings in zebra yellow/pink
***Skin: DEN-DOU GOTHLY SKIN -Pale- Dark
***Hair: *KUROTSUBAKI* hair_heart_Q_pink
***Shoes: [SRU] Bio Hazard Sneakies
***Necklace: [SRU] Choked Heart Choker [PINK]
***Poses: [SRU] Pose Pack 1
***Dress thingie: **THECLOSET** NordicDress_PPL