Saturday, September 6, 2008

Button, button, I haz the Button Boots

Shoes. Welcome to five days of Shiny Things Button Boots!

The first outfit to complement the shoes is an homage to Fauve Aeon's party last night. Fauve is the owner of All dolled uP, and one of the presents at her party was this lovely wind-up key from Inner Doll. Proper boots and socks plus a wind-up key necessitates a fluffy Victorian dolly outfit, and therefore the rest is a play on dolly dress-up.

The skin is something I've had for a while from Lacey Mertel of Shadow Things (cute pun on Shiny Things, probably unintentional, eh?). It's got that fresh-from-the-grave look that does so well on gothic dollies, and really made my doll shine glower look macabrely cute.

I'm short on words due to a LOT of PBS children's programming, so I'll leave you with these photos. Cheers and have a good weekend!

***Dolly key: Engraved Rose Key with walking and wind-up and wind-down AO by Inner Doll
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Button Boots in eggplant
***Socks: (Shiny Things) Prim socks in eggplant with slouchy attachment
***Hair: Tukinowaguma Nadeshiko in black
***Skin: Shadow Things Beauty Queen Crime Scene
***Necklace: Spica Cross Set
***Earrings: Spica old key earrings (camp chair gift)
***Tattoos: Tramp Stamp Trinity on arms and legs
***Bloomers, shirt, sleeves, skirt: ~silentsparrow~ spider baby in cherry, from the set. Also, skirt from Devana.
***Corset, frill: Curious Kitties from the Neira Dress set in purple

Invasion of the RL human!

OMG. Who is that avatar desperately in need of a brow pluck? Yep, that's RL me, in the shirt that matches my avatar's. The Disquiet of Lapins tshirt is free at the ~silentsparrow~ shop (on the doorpost in front of the pool), and you can also order it IRL at Ziraxia. (*cough* full photo of the IRL shirt, and my unkempt eyebrows, here.)

hyasynth says that it's her "love song to old dusty fairytale illustrations" and I can tell why. It's creepy and cute and awash with sepia. If I were little the moth in the upper right corner would haunt my nightmares...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Children of a trickier God

This is, sadly, my last post in the stuff found at LicoLico mall series. I've returned to a Japanese look today with traditional fabric and a gothic kimono shape -- the mask intrigued me the moment I saw it. It's a festival mask, very well made, of a kitsune, or fox. Both are from the Japanese cosplay shop AKIBE.

WikiFur says, Kitsune (Japanese: 狐) is, literally, Japanese for fox. However, in English usage, kitsune usually refers to the magical fox-spirit, which a fox can become. In Japanese mythology, a fox who lives long enough and gains a great deal of knowledge will reach an enlightened state, the Eastern sense of the 'fox spirit'. These supernatural beings serve as the cultural trickster, akin to Loki, Coyote, Eris, and many others. (Source. Did you know that furries have their own wikipedia? I didn't until just this second.)

In Japan, the kitsune mask is used during festivals for a specific dance, the fox dance (of course) -- specifically on the 15th of August at Himeshima Village's Bon Odori. I'll have to remember this for next year!

So why are fox spirits so universally akin to the trickster god? Jung would say that all of our beliefs come from the same mystical root, the collective unconscious. Somewhere deep in our psyche we're all thinking more or less the same thing, that foxes sure look tricksy. I'm not sure what I believe. Maybe a small band of traveling Ainu spread fox stories around the world? Your guess is as good as mine...

It's still good to know that foxes beat humans in the bad behavior department. Maybe we invented them to feel relieved that we aren't the naughtiest children of the creator.

***Earrings: Violet Voltaire Glitterati in black
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Coronis in Ivory
***Outfit: [ AKIBE ] Kimono dress in black, long
***Mask: [ AKIBE ] Kitsune mask - black2
***Shoes: =^^= FUKUNEKO Gion project free geta
***Poses: *SALA* kimono_AO
***Photo location: Kyoto Gosho

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I like Lico Lico, post #4

While I was wearing this jacket and the matching skirt from 369, I ran across Alyx. "That's quite a jacket," Alyx said, eyeing the vast expanse of bareness between breast and belly.

"Oh," I said sheepishly, and realized that the jacket was a SHRUG meant to be worn over something else. (Well, in my little world perhaps.) Therefore, this outfit is a mixture of 369 and ~momo~, orange-red and pink, darnit. Totally matches.

This is outfit four from my stuff found at Lico Lico mall series, and I'm new to the desiger 369. This is one of...erm...two outfits by this label. Also at the cubbyhole is a nifty steampunk ocular set and cute PJs, and a ... skeleton hand...thingie. Not quite sure what it is, go see for yourself.

Still no Sylvan Suit from the lucky chair of dooooom. I'll keep everyone posted about my chair adventures (might be a good side occupation while I revise the evil that is my prospectus).

***Hair flower: /artilleri/ rose hair flower in white
***Skin: minajunk exotic in pink
***Necklace: SPICA suicide necklace
***Belly chain: Foxchase Designs Trouble Belly Chain (silver)
***Tattoo: Tramp Stamp Tattoos- Trinity (on gloves)
***Hair: AOHARU_HAIR_Ann01d(black)
***Jacket: 369::Kawatare_Haruarahi
***Skirt: 369::Kawatare_Haruashi Skirt
***Shoes: AOHARU
***Undershirt and underpants: ~momo~ CutieSuit in pink
***Shoulder panda: [Pink Fuel] Juicy Bella present, baby panda
***Socks: ~momo~ DoveSocksiesPinku

I like Lico Lico, post #3

Shout-out to the morning crew of ~silentsparrow~ chair people: Ashly Berman, Belldandy GossipGirl, Miranda Milestone, Betty Doublas, Evangeline Schism, yukino Scharfberg, Sheepie Meili, Romy Mehler, guuguu Giha and Lala Marjeta. (And the folks from last night, sadly didn't get to write you guys down.)

This is my third post in the stuff found at LicoLico mall series. You'll notice that I'm not currently at LicoLico in these photos, because I've been busy stalking the outfits in the ~silentsparrow~ lucky chair. Another "A" letter had a tag above her name that read, "Lucky Chairs Hate Me." It's very true. I've spent about six hours stalking the chair, and gotten two of the three suits so far. The silvery sylvan will be mine, oh yes... (Unless Azazeal or Allegory get to it first!)

Last night I asked everyone if they minded me going naked and putting on outfits for the blog, and everyone was very nice. "Go right ahead," they said, so the outfit construction and photos were entirely done while waaaaaaiiiiiting for the lucky chair. Waiting is not so bad! I've never had such tidy inventory. And it's nice to have company while changing in and out of outfits like a virtual paper doll for a change.

My outfit today is from Umi Usagi, with various additions from katat0nik, Violet Voltaire, Spica, and OMFG. I love the fluff of the blue skirt, and it comes in three lengths depending upon how risque you feel. The Steampunk additions are (drumroll):

Note to Steampunk lovers:

Last night, katat0nik messaged me and said, "Ach -- did you know that if you chat with Perefim Cao of OMFG, he'll give you a 275L gift card to his shop?" I didn't know that, but I politely shot him a hello, and he was lovely enough to give me a gift card. I suspect that if you, too, politely chat with him, you might also receive such a gift. I went and got this lovely steampunk mask and wings! Thanks, Perefim.

Damn you, O

(With outlets at LicoLico)
***Jewelry: Violet Voltaire Starlene earrings and necklace
***Fan: Little Fish *LF fans 3# from the outfit set
***Bracelet, necklace: +SPICA+ Wood cross accessory set
***Outfit: Umi Usagi Rabbit Panier Blue 1408

(And other stuff)
***Wings: OMFG ION Tech Bionica Mini Wing
***Mask: OMFG Marauder's Mask
***Shoes: katat0nik Strawberry Dream legwarmer boots in cornflower
***Socks: katat0nik striped stockings in blue/black
***Hair: booN HNB27
***Skin: Curious Kitties Sajiahar in Blueberry

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I like Lico Lico, post #2

This is my second installation in stuff found at LicoLico mall. I have to admit, it's difficult narrowing what to wear because everything is both affordable and adorable in this place. Canal Grande, for example, sells a kawaii-punk aesthetic that makes my avatar look like a spoiled, rebellious schoolgirl (never bad). This outfit was one of the more expensive at 180L, and although it isn't mod, it comes with three sizes for the important prims.

Michami used to inspire me completely with her use of color. Sometimes she'd be a wash of gold with one bright, eye-catching splash of something else. Sometimes she'd wear two contrasting colors that worked because she'd balance each color with another reference to it somewhere else in the outfit. I have no such talent with color (omg, black matches black, right?), so I'm always happy when designers help me out. I'm drawn to red and black, however, and nobody does red check like Canal Grande.

Question: What are you guys reading today? I'm in the middle of a bunch of school books and need some suggestions for total fluff!

***Hair: Kin-(freebie) goggles hair girl - red -- [HAIR FAIR PINK SIM # 17]
***Skin: /artilleri/ Emi skin - porcelain - Lita
***Boots: !!!Miyu boots in outdoor - old
***Outfit: *CanalGrande* Justine -- many parts, including S, M and L sizes for the prims
***Socks: sig*sig Socks Set 01 HS01C Heart

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I like Lico Lico, post #1

This week, I'm going to do a series about stuff I found at LicoLico mall. Have you ever perused the long white halls of LicoLico mall? If not, I highly recommend a trip. You'll find the usual insane range of items here that you'll find in any Japanese sim, just organized into neat little cubbyholes for ease of browsing. I always feel like a glamorous gothic loli walking those halls.

One of the items found at LicoLico is this frock from Zephi's Shop. It's new-to-me (as the legendary Michami used to say), and combines Asian fabric and kimono elements with a lolita sensibility. I really adore the bright colors and cute sculpty attachments!

Here, because it's on my mind, are costuming trends that I noticed at Dragon*Con. They apply equally well to Second Life, oddly enough:

(*) Steampunk is big. Go buy some goggles and a mechanical arm! Other accoutrements include brown leather vests and jackets and belts, and random bits of copper over Victorian/Edwardian era garb.
(*) The Silk Road track is growing. Many people went suited up in geta and kimono as if for a Japanese festival (girls and boys alike).
(*) Gothic Lolita is nothing but growing in popularity too. There were the usual long frocks and corsets, but a fair bit of the population was in the knee-length fluffy skirt of the lolita. Great for showing off boots!
(*) Alice in Wonderland is just as big at the convention as it is right now in Second Life. Mad Hatters, doormice, and Alices of many varieties wandered the convention looking ethereally pretty and slightly insane. We're leading the trend, eh?

For more convention photos, I did a search for Dragon*Con 2008 on Flickr -- you should be able to see plenty of all of the above by now.

***Geta: =^^= FUKUNEKO Gion project free geta (sandals)
***Tabi (socks): I totally made system socks 8D.
***Skin: Boneflower Designs Whispers of Night Deathly Female (Ebon Twilight Stalker)
***Hair: ::69:: Butterflydoll - offblack, free from the Hotel Swan feather drop event
***Outfit: Zephi's shop KIMONO Gothic dress SHI

Monday, September 1, 2008


I've forgotten how to blog! I think I normally put on clothing and then write about something, right? Hm, at least I have photos and credits, so that's a start. I'd also like to note that I came back to SL only to find a crisp, elegant gown from ~silentsparrow~ waiting for me. Boy, that made my week, especially because I had enough L to buy several colors (not being around to shop sure was good on my wallet). I wore the sea Dominion gown yesterday.

When I was at Dragon*Con there were a ton of people wearing Victorian steampunk garb, just like in Steelhead or Babbage or Caledon. I instantly had RL steampunk envy, so I went and got myself a pair of leather and brass goggles (cough). I absolutely had to wear cogs and gears today just to get over some of my longing. And damnit, next year I vow to make my meat body as cool as the SL avatar at this con. (Okay -- not quite as cool. Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of some IRL childbirth flab with a swift movement of a slider?)

Also, isn't this a neat tent? Okay, fine, give me a few days to get my groove back. IRL is so distracting! :D

***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ dominion suite in rust
***Rabbit tent and environs: Rabbit*Kiss Rabbit TENT
***Hat: UnZipped Steampunk Tophat
***Bad arm: Le Petit Prince SteamPunk Left arm armor
***Boots: First Flower Witch-hazel in rust
***Hair: -Hiccup Fashionably Strung Out in black/purple
***Skin: minajunk skin cyber04
***Jewelry: -EARTHTONES- Ambrosia necklace and earrings in goldbrown/gold

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kon con

Con photos are on flickr, and I'll get back to writing fashion tomorrow!

So much to tell! I probably spent more intense panel time this year than in any year previous, partly because I imported a friend to con with me. We went to a wide range of panels, hung out and stared at people a whole lot, and gave the con night-life a complete miss. In years past I'd do the opposite, but being a 100% fan for a change was nice.

At some point, I went to a Second Life panel. The notable part of it was this: the German woman who ran the panel speculated that Second Life is most used by fringe groups. "Normal" people who joined Second Life didn't find a reason to stay; in months after a huge publicity hype, there was negative growth because not only was the grid unstable (but people weren't finding a point to it. "So you log on, wander around ugly, empty urban sprawl, and then cheat on your spouse with a furry?"

The woman running the panel said that the best use of SL is as a creative new frontier. I quite agree -- I also think that SL is a safe simulation of RL that allows people to live out their dream careers. I wouldn't have the chops to write about fashion IRL (who gets nice items delivered to their doorsteps outside of Anna Wintour?), but I can in SL.


Later on, speaking of beauty, I went to the Miss Klingon America pageant. The head judge (who also judges normal beauty pageants) said: "We celebrate beauty -- but we also celebrate strength, surliness, and true Klingon character." The premise is that women dressed as Klingons take part in the usual beauty/talent type competitions, but must do so in as Klingon a way as possible. The winner is generally a beautiful furrow-headed alien who can snarl and wield a bat'leth while reciting poetry. It was quite an event -- the actor for the Star Trek: Next Generation Klingon Warf was there to judge, and at a certain point in the competition went up and smooched one of the contestants. I suspect she'll win...


At one point I paused in the bathroom and noticed a mother nursing her baby in the small bathroom lounge area. We had a small chat about what it's like to be a mom at a convention.

"I've slept with people in this bathroom," the mother said nostalgically.

"Did you ... conceive your child here?" I asked in complete surprise.

"Oh no, that was ages ago," she said, laughing.

Mothers at conventions are uncommon but not super-rare. It's possible to find other little children for your child to play with. On the other hand, nobody's watching their clothing or language for the sake of your child.

Alba and I went to a panel that starred the voice actor (VA) of Space Ghost, a show on Cartoon Network. We lasted for about twenty minutes before the VA told a dirty joke -- it went over Alba's head, but I decided that three was a little too young for that level of humor. We fled...partly because at three, Alba's a natural mimic, and I didn't want her repeating that.

The most important part about bringing your child to a con (or anywhere) is flexibility about what panels you attend or what you do in general, and knowing your child's limits.


I'll write about the panel on pornography a bit later on!