Saturday, August 30, 2008

Isn't it good/Elijah Wood

The author after Dragon*Con, days 2 and 3

In the words of the Beatles (slightly mangled): I once had a con -- or should I say, the con had me. I'll tell you a little story, then I'll go to bed.

Today, town was full of people in orange shirts as well as the crazy conglomeration of con-goers in their various fandom garb. The orange shirted people were Clemson fans, because Atlanta is hosting the Clemson vs. Alabama game today. Paused at a traffic light, the group of middle-aged alumni stared at me warily. I was wearing a fairly normal outfit, but my pal kiri was covered in red fur because she was cosplaying the nine-tailed fox from Naruto.

Before they could ask me what I was supposed to be, I grinned at them and asked, "Are y'all dressed up as one of those races from Star Trek?"

The nice middle-aged people stared at me for a moment and then we all broke down with laughter. "Uh, we're dressed as 'football fans,'" a nice old man replied.

Everyone's got an inner dork. That was my lesson for the day.

Random con photos here, and parade photos here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

And I'm free, freefalling

Big fantasy conventions are like freefalling

My daughter's first convention was today, and she was a hit. Nothing really happens at Dragon*Con on a Thursday, but (as always) I got to see old friends that I only really see at conventions. Alba learned so many things -- how to play uno, how to wait in exorbitantly long convention lines to pick up my badge, how to gawk at the fabulous weirdos and stare at the bright hairstyles. I sported leg (and a child) yesterday. My hilarious moment came when the fellow in registration in front of me casually chatted me up and then blanched a little when the small fry attached herself to my leg. "Yours, I take it," he said, edging away.

Alba also had beginner's luck. As you know, she fangirls Scooby Doo. Within minutes of showing up at the con, Shaggy and Daphne strode by. Not being a shy one, she totally ran after Shaggy, tugging at his box of Scooby Snacks. Then we took her first con paparazzi shot...

Tomorrow I venture there sans child. There is a Second Life panel that I'll attend -- wonder if I'll get to meet any of you? Much love, and I'll post about clothing again after con.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gondor has no tinies; Gondor needs no tinies

I'm a lucky geek. I'll be on vacation to that RL place from tomorrow (8/29) until Sunday (8/31) -- but my reality won't change much! I'm heading to Dragon*Con, and I know that the surreality of the experience will match much of what Second Life has to offer. (With the exception of tinies. Dragon*Con has no tinies.) Watch my Flickr photostream for pictures of the RL gone SL crazies.

I'll miss you guys, but this is truly my biggest holiday of the year, so I'm gonna go have some fun! (Nobody make cool stuff that I'll miss while I'm gone, k?)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In olden days, when eagles screamed

I've had a semi-frustrating day. I taught this morning, but found that my role in class was a lot simpler than I'd imagined and wanted. Instead of teaching, I got to observe a master-teacher at work -- damn, he was good at what he did -- but I also wanted to teach too, because I love it. Deus, grant me the patience to sit on my ass and stfu while I watch and learn from such an amazing professor...

Also, guess what? This weekend is Dragon*Con! I kind of can't wait. It's the first year I'll be going with a friend from my own particular fandom (wouldn't you like to know what it is). I'll also be taking my child to the quieter parts of the con. She's a lucky little 3 year old, going to her first convention so young. Earning her geekdom stripes early! I'll take lots of photos of Alba in a fairy outfit for flickr.

Okay so: hair is free from kin, skin is free from Gala Phoenix, and the rest is well worth the money. My outfit is a fiercely sexy new release from Lavish Style. Her tiny skirts make me feel like fighting snow beasts! I'm not sure why. (Perhaps too much Xena.) The adorable little spot of a hat is a new release from Elegance Hats, and the +10 cuteness shield totally works to deflect hand axes.

***Shoes: katat0nik Bubbly Mary Janes in red
***Tattoo: Alexitimia Tattoo flower sacred heart
***Skin: Curio GP Pearl-Nightshade (group gift skin)
***Outfit: Lavish Style "Miss Flirt" in red
***Hair: Kin-kestrel-white -- (hair fair freebie, comes with the cute double headband)
***Hat: Dita Elegance Hat in red

Monday, August 25, 2008

I've been workin' on the prospectus/all the live-long day

Once upon a time, lost in distant memory, I was not a student at Princeton. I was down the road at Rutgers, actually, suffering with all of the other in-state students whose parents were strapped for cash. I went to Rutgers more-or-less proudly. On weekends, however, my friends and I would drive to Princeton to take in the glory of the amber-colored stones and the beauty of an endowment-funded garden. When I was looking around this morning for a good way to post about my upcoming work week, I did a search for "university" because that's where I work. Of course, my first hit was Princeton. (Hey Rutgers! Where's your Second Life build?) So here I am, ready for a week of teaching in my own particular style.

What does this style consist of, you might ask? Free things for the strapped-for-cash graduate student, of course! The hair is a gift from the Swan Hotel feather event -- it's from ::69::, and it's a whimsical rendition of their dolly hair with a bunch of butterflies. The fur legwarmers are a group gift camp chair item from amerie's Naughty (only 20 minutes!). The skin is also a group gift from katat0nik in her Skins of Delphi incarnation -- I love the playful makeup! It suits the hair so well. I had to purchase the messy bag -- it so symbolizes exactly what my life looks like during the semester (with the exception of a laptop. Gotta have the laptop).

Have great Mondays, everyone. Don't let the First Life get you down!

***Hair: ::69:: butterflydoll in platinum -- Swan Hotel feather event gift
***Messy bag: ::plod:: Travel Bag in open variety
***Legwarmers: amerie's Naughty group gift camp chair item, Fur Legwarmer in brown
***Shirt: LaynieWear White Buttondown Shirt
***Scarf: Vette's Boutique Shemagh Scarf in red
***Boots (using the foot part) Slink Eva Suede Boot - Fawn
***Pants: Royal Blue Taupe Harem High Waists
***Faun bits: Queen Titania's Court Female Faun in Fire
***Skin: Skins of Delphi Starlight Makeup group gift from katat0nik, in Starlight/PinkRed
***Poses: Luth Handbag AO

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ware below!

Apologies for another post, but I got excited because I went to hair fair and remembered THIS. I'm reminded of the head adornments of Natalie Portman that transformed her into Empress Amidala. Hair like this is a crown, a corona, a diadem. It's made for worship!

I couldn't put it on until I got this clean-lined outfit from Trubble named Noir. Hair of this nature can't really fight with anything for attention because it totally wins -- see those rods? They aren't just for show! I'm also wearing pretty jewelry from Studio Sidhe -- glowing glass beads that echo the glow from, well, my head. :D

***Skin: Minajunk skin Cyber03
***Jewelry: Studio Sidhe Bliss bead bracelet in sunset, glory hoop earrings in sunset, and joy bead necklace in sunset
***Hair: Crimson + Clover Kadath in white and blackened
***Dress: Trubble Noir

Fear is the mind killer

Achariya Muad'dib?

Once, when I was a little girl, I decided to memorize all of Longfellow's Paul Revere's Ride. My grandma had given me her old Longfellow's Poem's book -- an ancient leather binding, inscribed to her in 1922, and to me in 1982. I was a serious little person, and spent a long time going over and over the lines -- a few of them haunt me still.

A phantom ship, each mast and spar
across the moon like a prison bar.

Sometimes in Second Life these lines pop up in my memory, especially if I'm in a particularly evocative build. The new Kurotsubaki furniture sim had me staring at the skyline and reciting those lines... perhaps because of the stark, Kansas-like windmills against the harsh brightness of the sky.

I'm in silver today, in a new perfectly-executed silver skins by Minajunk, a paper mask around my neck by Mijn Boa, and three new hair fair hairs by Draconic Kiss.

Draconic Kiss Suzy Q in silver

Draconic Kiss Lola in silver

Draconic Kiss Jess in silver

***Catepillar: ::plod:: caterpillar (only 250L for this strange beast that rides in small circles around a post, complete with two sits)
***Skin: Minajunk skin Cyber02
***Shirt: from the feather hunt at Swan Hotel, Alta Moda Summer Swan Gift Avenge Tank (more info about that here)
***Necklace: Mijn Boa (go visit her gallery at Borrow your eyes)
***Pants: ~silentsparrow~ from the dominion set, pants for boots
***Shoes: Illusions Harlequin boots
***Hairses: Draconic Kiss, Hair Fair hairs [ORANGE SIM, Booth 22 ] Lola - silver; SuzyQ - silver; Jess - silver