Saturday, June 21, 2008


Me in the Starlust lobby, being all recursive and self-referential

Thank you, folks of the Starlust, for voting me "Best Glam" in your contest. This is the first thing I've ever won anything in my life, and I'm totally, completely chuffed and full of myself grateful. Your sim is totally awesome and I want to have its babies.

Special thanks to the following for my winning "Glam" outfit:

Schadenfreude for the dress, boots and bangles, Split Pea for the hat, -Hiccup for the hair, La Sylphide for the skin, and Violet Voltaire for the jewelry. All shops from the Starlust!

Fly me to the moonshine

Moonshine Clothing came out with these new outfits a few days ago. I went over to the shop to poke around because the gypsy styling appealed to me, and found several free boxes of cute hair there too (not pictured in this shoot, but worth the trip). I really like the prim cuffs on the Distraction outfit -- they're a great blend of fluffy and nicely-fitting. The zippers on the gloves are also saucy.

I blame Azazeal for getting me into the wing mood. His wings do things if you play with them, like poke you and slap you and stuff. I had to go get some Material Squirrel wings myself -- my first xcite parts! I haven't personalized their interaction yet, but I think they'll be vastly grumpy: "Ach's wings molt, causing her to sneeze."

In other news, Georgia finally has rain, and I'm sitting here in my jammies listening to it fall on the magnolia. Life is good.

***Red and black outfit: Moonshine Clothing MS Distraction
***Yellow outfit: Moonshine Clothing MS Charity
***Wings: Material Squirrel Inuus Pixie Wings
***Collar: Schadenfreude spikecollar w fancy buckle
***Shoes: ::: MOON ::: 1001 Nights Harem Slippers (rust-red)
***Tattoo: ::Alexitimia Tattoo:: Biomechanical Android 3
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* STEEL STARLET Skin 5
***Hair: Calico Creations Fresa - Ivory
***Piercings: **FLUKY** Simply Pierced facial piercings

Friday, June 20, 2008

Free little pig bag

Look at me, spamming the fashion feed today. Earlier, I posted pictures of the various people I'd seen while hopping around freebie hunting. This post is about the outfit I wore while I wandered.

I really had three points to my outfit today. First, to find something that would match Pudge's Octopus Ponytail! Second, to show off the glory of my new First Flower strappy pumps, and Third, to wear this purse. Like it? It's FREE from NONKO, at the center of the store on a table with several other free adorable bags. (This is the only one with a piggy-thing on it; the rest are the same shape but with lovely fabric.)

This purse makes me grin like mad, which is good, because my brain is in a turmoil from various academic things that have been happening. Ever feel completely inadequate? Yeah. At least I have piggy-purse, Octopus hair and strappy shoes to cheer me up!

I acquired the skin and eyes at *katat0nik's* hunt today -- I love the delicate dolly shading and the way the eyes eat up the skin. Also in the gift box is a dolly shape to add to my growing loli collection -- I'll wear that some other time.

***Shoes: First Flower ~ FF ~ Hoya Strapped Ruby Red
***Purse: NONKO kinchyaku pokopon store freebie
***Hair: PUDGE: Octopus Ponytail (Crayon Red)
***Earrings: (creamshop) Skull Rhinestone earring
***Shirt: *UnToneQuilt* Old cotton shirt camisole (sugerflower)
***Stockings: *katat0nik* very cherry stockings from the dress set
***Skin: *katat0nik* Lil' Dolly Skin from the freebie Lil' Dolly store hunt
***Skin: *katat0nik* Lil' Dolly Eyes from the freebie Lil' Dolly store hunt
***Tattoo: Pushbutton Industries *PBI* the Sprocket (ancient)
***Pants: ::Lavish:: "Alex" Jeans-Dirty

Good style hunting

Faery Sola, Ach, Kayden Razor, Cyn Peccable at the Crimson Shadows lucky chair

Scenes from around the grid. This morning there were a few important free things to get! The first was the dress by Draconic in the Crimson Shadows lucky chair. I love lucky chairs and mob vends because you get to stare at other people's styles -- clearly only the truly fashionable have the patience for this sort of thing, so people show up in the most awesome of outfits. I love Faery's wings and Kayden's tattoos and Cyn's entire look (I'm gonna steal it from you, Cyn!), and I had to get a group photo.

Blueberrysky at the Crimson Shadows lucky chair

Blueberrysky was also at the lucky chair. I suspect her outfit is from Bare Rose [Trinity Outlander corrected me and said it's from Discord -- thanks, Trinity!], given her tag, and I adore how into this look she is. She's committed! I also believe she doesn't speak my language, because gentle prodding wasn't able to get her into the photo above. Damn me for being a monolingual United States-er! I'll be writing more about my own outfit later on today.

Ellantha Larsson at *katat0nik's* lolita hunt

Then, there was the lolita shape/eyes/skin/frock hunt at *katat0nik*. The thing was difficult for n00bish me to find because of my lack of camming ability. It's an adorable hunt set -- good luck to those who go seeking it! When I got there, I ran into Ellantha and Cristie Kamachi. I like that Cristie is the grown-up version of a Victorian lolita; it was somehow fitting.

Cristie Kamachi at *katat0nik's* lolita hunt

*** Crimson Shadows lucky chair (Posted about by Adaire DeCuir on the Free*Style site) -- ZOMG freestyle! What's up with your blog layout! Eek!
*** *katat0nik*

Thursday, June 19, 2008

MILFs in frocks

Today's pulchritudinous guests are Ellantha Larsson and Sakuradawn Lei

"Hey Ellantha, did you see Sakuradawn Lei's awesome post about the new dresses from *katat0nik*?"

"Yeah! I have that dress in olive!"

"Oh yeah? I totally have it in orange!"

And thus the idea was born to pull the three of us together for some photos. I like to think of this as "MILFs in lolita." Why are there so many moms on Second Life? I speculate that it's because it provides the perfect little contained place for us to hang out with other humans while making sure our progeny don't slay themselves.

While we were standing around, we talked about what our kids are up to while we are playing Second Life.

"Mine found a keyboard!"

"Mine found the brownies -- ack brb -- okay, they're safe now."

Alba is thankfully with Dave while I take a wee breather. We've had an intense few weeks with her grandparents in town, and I swear that her behavior takes an enormous nosedive. Is it the constant adoring attention that does it? Hmmm.

Oh right! I love the dress! It has lovely cherry-print fabric, and a crisply-made prim skirt. Thank you for another great release, kat!

(Staring at this post, I have to wonder: why does my avatar lack cleavage compared to those two?! It's not like I can't just up the boob slider. Hm, perhaps flat-chestedness is a state of mind...)

***Outfit: *katat0nik* Very Cherry Dress - 11 Piece Set, including the hat! (Red on Sakuradawn, olive on Ellantha, orange on Ach)
***Shoes: *katat0nik* Mortido Mary Janes on Ach & Ellantha
***Pose: The one that looks like Charlie's Angels is from Long Awkward Pose

You seem to have something on your head

O hi. I've got some hair on today. See? :D

A few days ago Crystal released a group gift from Pudge to the Starlust group. I have to say that this is one of my favorite groups to belong to in SL -- not only is it incredibly active with all the designers contributing to it, but it has wit and a sense of humor as well. For example, just yesterday there was a mini-hunt for pants around the Starlust sim. In the group chat, people began to make pants jokes. Pants jokes are always a huge plus in my mind (the word alone is hilarious, especially when people take it too seriously and shorten it to 'pant'. I bet you pant, honey).

There is also a lot of cool swag, especially from the likes of Split Pea and Thimbles and Schadenfreude... Sense of humor? I'm there.

The group is aptly entitled "I <3 The Starlust" and I do; it remains worth poking around even past opening week, probably because of all the love and care that people put into the build.

By the way, I've totally blogged my outfit before at various times, but I was in the mood for something purple and lighthearted, so I figured people would forgive me this once. =)

***Hair: PUDGE: Fabulous Cotton Candy Hair (Barbie Blonde) group gift
***Skin: Skins of Delphi SOD Cookie Skin in [Twilight/Purple]
***Necklace: [CRAP] Pearl & Purple Necklace
***Earrings: ::Violet Voltaire:: Glitterati Earring - Violet
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Party Pumps in purple
***Socks: -corduroy- chiiico's leggings!
***Skirt: Royal Blue (RB) Poof Poof Skirt in Purple
***Shirt, undershirt, corset, armwarmers: ~silentsparrow~ how we quit the forest in violet

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blueblood hair, too

Ghanima Uriza has been designing hair recently. The hair matches her outfits completely and exhibits the same burst of crazy creativity as the rest of her designs. Here I am in her skin and hair and a NONKO kimono, waiting for 4:30...

Part of me wishes that I could walk into the College of Education building dressed like this. Problem is, the COE is one of the most stodgy places in all of higher education because we're responsible for kids. When dealing with other people's kids, it's best to take the morally cautious road, which generally means that gothic hair and interesting kimono are NOT the costume one might pick for a meeting with one's committee member. In fact, I think the COE has a corner market on Ann Taylor mixed up with a little Chico's when feeling adventuresome...

Yeah, I'm not a fabulous fit in the COE. That's okay, some of us have to shake the boat. I'll tell everyone later what's going on, but for right now, I'm going to try my best to wear the blackest Ann Taylor that I own.

***Nails: *SHOP SEU* black nail
***Eyes: (Miriel) Eyes - Arctic Ocean (Big)
***Skin: +++BLUE BLOOD SKINS+++ Camille lipblack
***Kimono: ***NONKO kimono&hakama gakudan (comes with zoris!)
***Hair: Various hair from +++BLUE BLOOD+++, including Berenice, Binky, Cybergoth, Goth Doll
***Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai Bottle Top Earrings

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meeting tomorrow and...

Hah. Look. My avatar is dressed like "me" again, black hair and all. I've spent the past few days pondering the fact that graduate school is meant to break you as much as it possibly can (perhaps a sorting process, wheat from chaff), and that graduate school doesn't suffer fools. Wish I were a bit less of one -- part of my character is to play the holy fool, and my yappy mouth has often gotten me into trouble.

All that aside, I'm wearing powerful clothing. Black and gold, mystery and power and wealth. Do you believe that you can manifest what you want in life, if you talk about it often enough? I'd like to believe that this is true...

Once upon a time I wasn't a mom, wasn't playing Second Life, wasn't a graduate student. I felt lazy, happy, and unfulfilled. I'd much rather be at this point in my life, where I'm teetering on the verge of despair because all of these things compete for time in a rather dramatic way. It's okay to be unhappy sometimes, no joke. I'm not reaching for the prozac! Unhappiness is sometimes a sign that you're hard at work.

Someday I'll figure out the magic balance. Until then, I'd just like to say that I love my Luth handbag AO.

***Hair: Bishwear SABRINAS1
***Skirt: (creamshop) Gold dot skirt
***Shoes: Paper Couture Yetti Boots
***Purse: Paper Couture (PC) The Tasty Bag (noir)
***Bracelet: *katat0nik* Achariya Cuff
***Tights: Petit Ange *an*knit tights offwhite
***Shirt: {Gisaci} Dans la Ville Blouse in Black
***Tattoo: ::Alexitimia Tattoo:: Old Sacred Heart 1
***Skin: Skins of Delphi Cookie Skin [Starlight/Black]
***Earrings: BastChild Designs Gold and Black Celtic Cross Earrings

Up on the shore they work all day

I'm grinning like a mad person. Not only am I going to the Georgia Aquarium today with the family, I've also got a brand-new dress from ~silentsparrow~. Buckling to all our gentle, loving peer pressure, hy decided to carefully remake all of the lace for the Beloved suite (which remains my favorite of her dresses), hand-coloring them in six different shades for our pleasure. (Wait. That sounds like a feminine sex aid ad.)

I'm taking this photo in the fish tank at Le Zoo in honor of my impending fishie day! I much prefer aquariums to zoos, actually. Fish never look bored, whereas zoo animals sit there looking at you like, "Hey -- where did my natural habitat go?" Ecological concerns aside, the pumpkin beloved is a great swimming frock. There's enough fabric in the skirt to primly guard your bum against the most inquisitive of fish. The underpants for this suite are a lovely surprise for all those upskirters! In fact, I'm going to put on my shameless drow skin and parade around in these undies for the rest of the day.

(If you'll notice, my hair is slowly darkening! This has to be a good sign.)

***Dress: ~silentsparrow~ (pumpkin) beloved suite (14 pieces indcluding two corset layers, two shirt layers, an undershirt, four prim sleeve attachments, the beautiful poofy skirt, jabot, tights, and PANTIES TO DIE FOR -- I'm serious, I might just walk around in those)
***Hair: Laqroki =RaC= Loveaffair - Copper
***Skin: minajunk skin Live01 underline
***Necklace: ::69:: pyramid Nacklace - Wine -
***Tattoo: ::Alexitimia Tattoo::Suicide Butterfly Heart 1
***Shoes: .:Periquita shoes "Bootie" Orange metallic

Monday, June 16, 2008

Homage in pink and blond

Violet and I were hanging out this morning when Violet said, "I really need granny panties." Who am I to question these desires? I pulled her over to Ingenue, which has lovely enormous butt-covering high-waisted underpants.

We got there and stared at underpants for a second or two before Violet was drawn to the Sailor Doll outfit (which is adorable; I own it too!). I found myself in love with Flamingo Dreams, which is SO pink and large and fluffy that it had Hethr Engle written all over it.

I'm still all emo in blond (how else would a dark-haired girl go emo?), so we decided to pay homage to the original blond-in-pink herself. Here we are, all decked out in Hethr-wear!

My hair is a new release from Shop Seu, and normally I wouldn't buy hair that only comes in blond -- but I was in a sad blond mood, and I have to admit that the hair is lovely. Shop Seu is home to my favorite long black pigtails, and this adorable honey-colored mass of curls reminded me immediately of Hagu-chan from Honey and Clover.

Post soon, Hethr, so that we stop teasing you. :3

***Outfit: Sailor Doll - Ingenue
***Hair: Magika #@%! - Platinum Blonde
***Skin: Opaline - Carbon - by Gala Phoenix (buy directly from her)
***Cuffs: Achariya - katat0nik (hehehe, she's wearing me-cuffs)
***Shoes: Lollies - Shiny Things
***Hair: *SHOP SEU* --sexy hair [ blonde ]
***Dress: Ingenue Flamingo Dreams
***Nails: Adam n Eve *ae* coffee bean finger nails
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) comfy boots in brown
***Tattoo: /artilleri/ maggie tattoo
***Skin: Skins of Delphi *SOD* Cookie Skin [Twilight/Pink]
***Necklace: ::69:: Candy Necklace
***Bracelet: ::69:: Sprinkles Bracelet

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Royal Pink

Hethr Engle and I chatted a bit this morning. I was still feeling sad from last Friday's debacle (eh, don't ask, it was an academic thing), and Hethr cheered me right up by sending me photos of her amazingly cute guinea pigs.

"I'm feeling kinda down," I said to Hethr, "In fact, I'm feeling so down I went blond and wore pink! Hey, I'm wearing Hethr clothing!" We laughed about the fact that I was in Hethr's signature look.

It was strange. Ever have something traumatic happen and respond by changing your hair? That's how I felt today. I wanted to not look like myself for a while. At least I did it in SL instead of shaving my head like Britney, right?

I also chatted with Marni Grut today. She mentioned that she'd noticed that there's been more color in my posts lately.

"I'm even in pink," I said.

"Don't be untrue to your gothy roots, though!" Marni responded, and I assured her that I'd mitigate the pink with black. I'm in a Royal Blue check jacket just for that.

***Hair: tukinowaguma maria Gold
***Skin: Fleur Vivant Cream Vanity
***Dress: **THE CLOSET** Gauze Dress Pink
***Jacket: Royal Blue (RB) This is the new check
***Earrings: /artilleri/ bead hoop earrings *colour change* hud
***Necklace: Curious Kitties White Gem Necklace
***Nails: *Shop Seu* black nail
***Armwarmers: *UnTone Quilt*handwarmer (pink)
***Tights: Draconic Kiss Rose Butterfly Fishnets

Cute and free and cute

Double Paradox, The Closet and LOTTA got together and made an awesome collection of sims on three little islands. They call themselves "*~*tReY dOpE*~*"! The setting is beautifully landscaped, the items for sale are creative and great quality, and I know I'm going to hang out there quite often.

In honor of opening their sim, there's a treasure hunt:

*~*tReY dOpE*~* Treasure Hunt Info
The prescription for the patient addicted to shopping!
Can you find all 18 pills ?
The 18 Pills are hidden somewhere in our 3 Sims
( Krazy pancake/DuaL/Manic Flair Sim)
you will be fine if you take all pills
Take care of yourself :))
SLURL here!

I found the hat and dress at the treasure hunt, as well as the cute shopping bags with the pose and the floaty balloon and a few really cool household items (pillows with poses, a rug).

I haven't found everything yet!

And here are the hunt items from The Closet!

***Earrings: The Closet Flower Earrings -- hunt freebie
***Bikini in yellow: The Closet knit bikini -- hunt freebie
***Legwarmers: The Closet Knit Legwarmers in yellow -- hunt freebie
***(Shoes are Shiny Things Supernovas)

Stuff from Trey Dope freebie hunt:
***Hat: *LOTTA HUNTING_summer
***Dress: Double Paradox *DPS Audrey (Manic Flair)

Other outfit details:
***Hair: **DP**yumyum 04(Sesame black)
***Necklace: (Shiny Things) Florina necklace - silver
***Earring (the other one detached for the hat, hehe): (Shiny Things) Pyra earring - silver
***Bracelet: (Shiny Things) Ruma bangles - silver
***Tights: petite ange knit tights in black

Other free outfit bits:
***Skin: Skins of Delphi SOD LE Peach [Twilight/Dusty Rose] store freebie
***Shoes: 1L Axis Mundi Sculpted Boots