Saturday, June 7, 2008

All dressed up in ribbons and in bows

I stalked Studio Sidhe today! I saw Faery Sola's post on the fashion feed about her adorable new vests and slithered my way over to her shop. Faery Sola is lovely, and we had a small conversation about shoes.

"They seem very complicated. I tend to go barefoot," Faery chuckled, and I recalled that the Fae don't generally need things like shoes anyway!

The vest doesn't come with Faery's beaded choker and arm/wristbands, but they're worth getting. The tiny detail work is marvelous, and the colors are a fantasy of natural reds and blues and browns. Native American fae? Why not, I've read my Charles DeLint...

Along the way I stopped to get Fab Hazel's hair (she looks marvelous in it), this free hair from Bishwear. It's large and curly, just like my own hair from the 80s!

Forgive my brevity. I had a month-delayed RL birthday party today, and I'm still a bit sodden darn that sangria...

Studio Sidhe:
***Vest: Studio Sidhe :+:SS:+: Leather Flower Vest in red
***Skirt: Studio Sidhe :+:SS:+: from the Velvet Jacket & Skirt Set in chocolate.
***Choker: Studio Sidhe :+:SS:+: Beaded Choker [Brown, Yellow & Black]
***Armbands: Studio Sidhe :+:SS:+: W(R)- Beaded arm band [Brown, Yellow & Black] (box comes with two armbands and two bracelets)
Other outfit details:
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* DAHLIA 8
***Gloves: Pushbutton Industries *PBI* Shove Glove (flora)
***Hair: Bishwear store freebie, (DBS)TossMe -Black
***Earrings: Swallowtail Coral Earrings (I won these by being the first person to IM the designer in her group today! Thank you Natsuko Paravan!)
***Tattoo: ::Alexitimia Tattoo:: Old Sacred Heart 1
***Shoes: TESLA Athena in *darkheart*

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm a cowgirl

The lovely Ellantha Larssen and her pony

Today I very slowly logged into Second Life and stared at myself. I was a small mass of low-lying precipitation! This made me remember some Wordsworth:

I WANDERED lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Did you know that Wordsworth snitched this whole scene from his sister's journal? Also, he lived with both his wife and his sister, and he and his sister were always very very close. A little too close, even. Ahh, the vicissitudes of the poets. At least he was no Lord Byron.

By the way, this is not me! Very funny moment. Ellantha IMed me and said, "You really need the new dress from Bare Rose! I have it on and it's gorgeous!"

I'd been looking at this dress not long before. "Take photos and send them over!" I said, and she did. The photos were so glorious that I decided I'd rather stare at Ellantha than my own boring mug, and she agreed to host today's journal post!

I notice a cowgirl sensibility around the feed lately. I guess we'd all better get more horses, eh? I think I need one in chocolate to match my horsy outfits... Ah, only in SL can we have horse-sessories.

Ellantha's outfit details:
***Outfit: Bare Rose ::: B@R ::: Kokopelli (comes with a ton of pieces, of course)
***Skin: Gala Refined :GP: Classic-Sienna
***Hair: MiraiStyle +*Miho*+.Gold
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Chunky RIbbon Boots - brown
***Underwear: :::Sn@tch BoyBeater::: fishnet underpants
***Eyes: ~Glanz~ .::Eyes::. mid : FreshBlue
***Tattoos: Etchd Sin's Henna (undershirt, Colorable)

and for mah pony:
***Horse: AKK Horse Ranch AKK 07 wr Dark Gray white mane tail (she's not the sculpty one but she's served me well!)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Felt bunny

There's something decadent about a bunny wearing felt. I think it's because bunnies have fur to begin with -- why would they need an extra layer of another animal's matted fur worn over their own? They don't, but neither do they need xcite parts, and we know where that conversation goes.

Anyway. Please note the cuteness of the felt dresses! They're items of apparel created by the Swallowtail designer, and come in a bevy of different colors and patterns (I have a photo of the bunny shopping in front of some of the colors). I'm a huge fan of Swallowtail's necklaces, and these dresses are adorably modest to suit the primmest avatar.

Also: Sabbe sattā sukhi hontu (May all beings be happy.)

Or if you prefer absurdity to the sublime, I highly recommend BBC's OddBox.

New stuff:
***Dress: Swallowtail Felt Dress
***Necklace: Swallowtail Jupiter necklace in black

Stuff that I usually wear with the Kani:
***Hair: Kin Kana-white.grey
***Shoes: Lazy Places Trailmix
***Avatar: Lost Furest Kani splotchy female - white and black
***Glasses: Color Change Glasses - Round [hm, can't find creator's name or slurl]

No Hindenburg here

Sometimes you find a place in SL that makes you feel like you're in a Victorian tale of wild scientific speculation. Airship Caravan, for instance, hefted me up by the horns and plopped me straight into Last Exile. I loved this anime, although it fell into the usual apocalypse-due-to-the-foibles-of-man category. I loved the design of the anime immediately, and it's completely my own fault that I'm not in a flight suit and aviator glasses while I'm flying my new steam-mecha-dolphin.

Did I mention that there's a small shopping arcade here? It's home to 109prims, which is a misnomer, because my new flying birdcage *cough* is only about 16. 109prims also sells this flying steam-mecha-dolphin which makes my steampunk-loving heart SING. It goes well with the latest cute lolita frock from Curious Kitties, too! This dress is amazingly affordable at 200L, and the shirt beneath it with the fluffy collar is only 100L. (Did you just see me lie? Of course it doesn't work at all :D, but the dress is so cute that I was unable to take it off to properly suit up.)

I wax poetic:

Then felt I like some watcher of the skies
When a new planet swims into his ken;
Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
He stared at the pacific - and all his men
Looked at each other with a wild surmise -
Silent, upon a peak in Darien.
-- Mr. Keats

I also posted more photos of this sim on my flickr site.

***Flying machine: = 109prims = flying dolphin
***Horns: from the faun costume, Titania's Court Female Faun in fire color
***Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Calico in frosted midnight, tinted
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* Gorgeous Grape Skin 6
***Shirt layer and jabot: Curious Kitties *C:K* Dzyn Shirt - Purple
***Jacket layer and skirt: Curious Kitties *C:K* Neira Dress - Purple
***Bloomers: ~silentsparrow~ calliope bloomers
***Stockings: *katat0nik* (purple/black) striped stockings
***Shoes: First Flower ~ FF ~ witch hazel in violet

Comatose feline

The lovely Ellantha Larsson is my co-model

*katat0nik* made an adorable new set of separates in a rainbow of colors. Her shop in Axis Mundi is getting swiftly filled, and I'm happy to see it! I went to the shop to stare at the vendors and ran into Ellantha there, so we decided to photograph together. It was tough deciding what colors to wear; Ellantha was caught in indecision before buying two of the colors. The tights are a wonder unto themselves, so incredibly cheerful and stripy, and sold in multicolor packages.

Ellantha and I both realized that the skirt and shirt are separates in the truest sense of the word and went scrambling for underpants! Ellantha found some good ones, whereas I decided to go commando. Hey now, get your cameras out from under my skirt!

Ellantha's also wearing the most awesome Periquita group gift shoes, which reminds me to join the group. We had a small discussion about * 0 Style * hair -- apparently it's one of Ellantha's favorite hair creators. She's also wearing her favorite Gala skin, made just for the skin fair, and I realized that it's Violet Voltaire's favorite skin too. HMM. Two inimitable ladies like this skin shop, eh? I'd better go check it out...

I've managed three whole paragraphs about nothing but clothing! This is amazing, so I'll insert some randomness here. I am awake at 3 AM because of nervousness; I defend my dissertation proposal next week Friday (the lucky 13th), and I'm preparing for it like Rocky. I even had my husband hum out the Rocky themesong for me earlier... Clothing, such a nice distraction from the stress.

On Ellantha:
***Skirt: *katat0nik* (pink) Starfall Jumper Skirt - Click to resize
***Shirt: *katat0nik* (pink) Starfall Jumper top
***Tights: *katat0nik* (rainbow) Striped Stockings
***Skin: Gala Refined skin: :GP: Classic-Dahlia
***Hair: ETD Natasha - Chestnut
***Lashes: Rac (YES RAC I REFUSE TO USE THE OTHER WORD. it's stupid) Mascara black - Natural
***Lip ring: Mah trusty lip abalone lip ring
***Underpants: Oh wait.. Mischief Painty Raid - Tart - Pinky (from that hunt she had a while back)
***Shoes: Periquita group gift shoes
***Jewelry: {Violet Voltaire} Lollipop guild Necklace

On Ach:
***Skirt: *katat0nik* (orange) Starfall Jumper Skirt - Click to resize
***Shirt: *katat0nik* (orange) Starfall Jumper top
***Tights: *katat0nik* (lt blue/teal) Striped Stockings
***Hair: * 0 Style * Sayuri *(Black)_M
***Skin: /artilleri/ Emi skin - Soft Sunkiss - Freckles - Natt
***Jewelry: {Violet Voltaire} Lollipop Guild Necklace - Rainbow
***Shoes: Periquita "Fat Dolly " Pink
***No underpants!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What do rabbits and hats have in common?

Hatpins hats

Hatpins hat, **DP**yumyum hat

I opened up my inventory this morning and realized that somehow a bevy of hats had snuck their way into my Objects folder! Have you ever seen a hat sneak, especially some of these? It's as though they go invisible before settling upon your head and blossoming forth like some kind of alien brainhugger with the intent of making your head look pretty.

In the interest of doing justice to some of the hats, here they are. Forgive me for not listing each of the hats' names -- please visit SPLIT PEA and Hatpins to browse their collections. The hat from **DP**yumyum is a camp chair free item.

My outfit is ~silentsparrow's~ new caged bird jacket, the skin is one of MiaSnow's lovely skins in grape, and the hair is -Hiccup's high school sucks.

Now for more hats!



Where's my cybernetic implant

I was out shopping for a dress yesterday, IRL. I might sometimes complain about fitting prims in Second Life, but real life is so much worse. It's tough to fit my figure -- I've got a narrow torso and a childbirth tummy that isn't ever going to go away. Dress after dress was either too big on the torso or too tight on the tummy. I finally growled, "Darn it, if this was Second Life, I could totally adjust the prim on the skirt and it would fit my belly."

Someone invent the Second Life hud for RL, please? And I'll never complain about fitting prims again.

Philotic Energy makes cute hair. This new style (Rae) in particular is adorable -- it's got tufts sticking out at random for that "just rolled out of my neko sleeping pillow" look, and sweeps over one eye to give a great impression of shyness. Also cute are the new capri and tank sets from **DP**yumyum. I've got a small addiction to the store -- their hair is amazing -- and these pants are just perfect. The top fits nicely over Alexitimia Tattoo's Hellwar, and all of the tattoos in the shop are on sale right now. Look at the adorable Mary Janes and blet (belt) too; so black and shiny and slightly macabre! Perfect for darkening the brightest outfit!

Have lovely warm days, everyone.

***Hair: Philotic Energy PE Rae Jet Black
***Skin: Boneflower Designs :: Whispers of Night :: Deathly F [Ebon Twilight Stalker]
***Earrings: ::69:: Pyramid Earrings in wine
***Undershirt tattoo: ::Alexitimia Tattoo:: Hellwar 1 (there's a sale at the shop right now)
***Leg tattoo: Karlsbar Tattoos snake knife on leg tat
***Bangle: Fresh Baked Goods ~*FBG*~ Bright Sprinkle Donut Bangle - Gold with color changing hud
***Belt: First Flower ~ FF ~ Triple Hoop Blet! (Belt) Black
***Shirt: **DP**yumyum frill camisole (strawberry)
***Capris: **DP**yumyum Drop capri pants(red)
***Shoes: *katat0nik* (black) Mortido Mary Janes with color changing skulls

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Drow-ning and wearing jewelry

Ahhh, this is the week of cute jewelry! Fresh Baked Goods delivered a baker's dozen of lovely items to my virtual doorstep, and I was immediately enthralled by the cuteness of color-changing mahjong tiles. On my neck, on my wrist! Mahjong -- I've never played it, but my inner vision brings up a room full of powerful old Chinese matrons with jade flashing at their wrists, expressions carefully polite as they machinate for their family's fortune and glory.

I'm also wearing a new drow skin, MiaSnow's Steel Starlet. *happy sigh* A drow with white star freckles? Bloody lovely. That's why she's wearing cute Princess Leia buns from f.wi. She's not a bad drow, really. She might go on bloody rampages, but she spares the kittens.

Necklace: Fresh Baked Goods ~*FBG*~ Mahjong Bakelite Mooncake Pendant Necklace with color and pattern changing hud
Left bracelet: Fresh Baked Goods ~*FBG*~ Greyscale Pastile Hearts Bangle Set
Right bracelet: Fresh Baked Goods ~*FBG*~ Mahjong Bakelite Mooncake Bracelet set with color and pattern changing hud
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* STEEL STARLET Skin 2
***Hair: *f.wi arrange vol.03
***Outfit: Lavish Style "Savannah" 6 piece outfit including gloves, tiny skirt, vest, stockings & tattoo
***Boots: J's (in Tsukishima) Gothic Buckleboots

Monday, June 2, 2008

No more twist.

Today a woman with the evocative name of Plurabelle Laszlo (of Bliensen + MaiTai) asked me politely if I'd like to look at some of her wares. I did -- and found that they were vastly creative and humorous twists on jewelry, the bottle cap choker especially. I also love armbands with stuff on them about as much as I love belts with stuff on them, and this one is designed for the budding tailor in us all.

Speaking of tailors, is anyone else haunted by the Beatrice Potter story A Tailor of Gloucester? Those mice. You know.

"Three little mice sat down to spin,
Pussy passed by and she peeped in.
What are you at, my fine little men?
Making coats for gentlemen.
Shall I come in and cut off yours threads?
Oh, no, Miss Pussy, you'd bite off our heads!"

I often wish for skillful mice for all my hard-working designer friends. Take breaks, you guys! Or the universe will strike down upon thee with carpal tunnel! This scatter-brained post is obviously brought to you by a hot summer day of no school for my child.

Choker: Bliensen + MaiTai Bottle Top Choker
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai Skulls'n'Flowers Necklace in fire (this one, it has glow!)
Armband: Bliensen + MaiTai Tailor Armband
***Hair: Kin-momo-red
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* DAHLIA Skin - the starlet
***Faun avatar (including horns, shape that I'm not using, tail, leg fur, hooves): Titania's Court Female Faun in fire color
***Outfit: Little Rebel Designs Belted Playset in blood orange

Sunday, June 1, 2008

No longer blue

Fleur Cream Dig Ophelia 1 (left) and Blush Dig Ophelia 2 (right)

Fleur created a new Vivant skin, the Dig Ophelia -- blogged over here. It was designed to complement ~silentsparrow's~ How we quit the forest outfit.

It has a charm point, delicate cheek and lip shading, and lovely eye makeup. I always feel elegant in Fleur skins, as though I should adorn myself in my biggest skirt and hang about in Versailles.

Lavish lingerie

My blue girl is pretending to be a drow today in this new underpants set from Lavish Style (and bits of Bare Rose's Taurus Girl). Maybe it's her version of cosplay? It's a quiet Sunday morning and I'm getting ready for [unitarian] church, pondering that my SL avatar sure doesn't look very holy. I think it's the horns and tail, although those are meant to resemble a bull and not a devil. Ah well, in the words of Thoreau, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, right?

The scholar James Gee said that we change who we are based upon our social context, and I quite agree. I'd never trot this avatar off to church, nor would I wear that outfit to pick up my daughter from daycare. However, there are times when my mind dresses up like that because that's how it feels. Is it being untrue to an essential self to change how we represent ourselves based upon where we are? Nah; there are a lot of selves in us, and I reckon we should enjoy them all.

***Horns: Illusions grumble horns
***Hair: Kin- Amaunet-white.grey
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* BLU BEAUTY Skin 5
***Corset & underpants: ::Lavish Style:: "Lynn" 2 pc lingerie - black
***Armwarmers, tail, hooves, knee guards: from the incredibly cheap outfit with many parts that I'm not wearing -- Bare Rose B@R Taurus Lady